Toasts for New Year 2017 for homemade feast and corporate party. Options for short funny and funny toast to celebrate the New Year of the Rooster

NYU-001The New Year is not only a Christmas tree, toys, gifts, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, but also a merry festive feast at home, in a restaurant or corporate party. Gathering together, family members, relatives, colleagues, friends and acquaintances heartily congratulate each other on the winter triumph and tell their close ones pleasant, kind wishes. Of course, this event is not complete without toast. It is thanks to these short speeches, funny and funny or beautiful and touching, home banquet, friendly party or a solid corporate party are transformed from a standard holiday into a bright, joyful and very emotional event, imbued with warmth, cordiality and mutual understanding.

Solemn and inspirational short toasts, pronounced at the festive table, have a special effect on all those present, automatically adjust to the positive and cause only the most pleasant emotions. At this moment, each person firmly believes that all the words of the toast will surely come true and will gladly raise a glass for this to happen as soon as possible.

If you have not yet decided what toast you will say during the meeting of the Year of the Rooster and the Old New Year, take advantage of our collection. In it, we collected the most interesting short toasts that are suitable for a cozy family feast, a New Year's corporate party and a cool friendly party. Choose toasts that you like and please your loved ones with the most beautiful, pleasant and kind words. And let all the good that will be said at the New Year's table in the form of toasts and wishes, be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Funny toasts for the New Year 2017 for corporate in the year of the Rooster

Corporate holiday is a special moment, very important for each employee. On the one hand, there is a great opportunity to manifest yourself in an informal atmosphere,to show off wit in front of colleagues and attract the attention of the authorities, but on the other hand I want to observe the necessary balance and not to lose face, uttering too provocative, cheeky and ambiguous phrases. In such a situation, short cool and funny toasts, dedicated to the New 2017 Rooster's onset, will be a certain "golden mean". They have everything you need for a good, and at the same time tactful and respectful speech at the table: bright, memorable greetings, pleasant, touching wishes, kind, understandable to everyone humor and extraordinary presentation. A short, original and funny toast, said at the right moment at the corporate party in honor of the New 2017, will pleasantly relieve the solemn atmosphere and make the most favorable impression on everyone. Colleagues will not think that you are trying by any means to curry favor with your superiors, and the management will appreciate your ability to creatively joke without crossing the permissible limits of decency.



We worked for a year,
Not at all lazy.
For this drink I want
And wish in the new year,
To work on time,
And everything was great, so you have!


I raise my glass,
So that at work no one was lost,
And to this new year,
You spent without the hassle!
Do not bury your head
And never arrogant!
And then you will be a success!
I drink to the bottom for you, for all!


Work, work, and again work,
We had until the new year.
And now a short break,
So that a little go to all breakaway.
For this I raise the glass,
So that all that each of you desired will be fulfilled.
Work is not a wolf - in the forest will not jerk
So let's calmly meet the new year!

Toasts to celebrate the New Year of the Rooster 2017 in the company of friends

Meeting the New Year of the Rooster in the company of friends is a great option to have a good time and become each other a little closer and more familiar. You can gather in an ordinary city apartment, cover a rich table and, with the sound of chimes, say a beautiful toast, and then clink glasses with champagne. Or, organize a party at one of the friends at the dacha, dance around a real Christmas tree, light a live fire, play snowballs and drink under the open sky for the New Year's Eve of the Rooster. Of course, a festive meal will not do without beautiful speeches and toasts.If among the invitees there is only a very narrow circle of people who know each other perfectly, the toasts can be quite frank in nature. However, it is still not worthwhile to dwell on some moments of a certain person’s life. It is possible to mention them casually, and to devote the main part of the toast to congratulations on the New Year of the Rooster and good, sincere wishes of health, happiness, financial well-being and mutual understanding. Despite the fact that these words are very simple and not very original, they always sound appropriate and cause only the warmest, pleasant and joyful emotions.


When a friendly company is going to the New Year in a restaurant or cafe, the selection of toasts should be approached with special attention, since strangers will sit next to people who do not necessarily have to hear too intimate details from the lives of your loved ones. It is better to dwell on toasts of a more neutral content and raise glasses for the health of relatives, for success in all matters, for love and for good friends who are always there and ready to support in difficult times.


Raise glasses for joy and happiness.
To be loved, disappeared bad weather.
To have healthy and happy children,
So that peace was and joy on the whole planet.
That the stars and the sun shine from heaven.
That the world of wonderful miracles was full.


We have glorious traditions in power
The eternal search is like us in everything.
Happy New Year, friends, with new happiness,
With a new toast at our table!


May the New Year come to us success
And the days and nights will flow nicely.
Let us drink for us for all
So that in life do not disappear one by one!

Funny toasts to the New Year 2017 in verses for home and corporate party


Funny and funny toasts in verses greatly adorn the feast on the occasion of the New Year and create a festive, bright and optimistic mood among those present. Yes, this is not surprising, because once again everyone, regardless of age, gender and social status, likes to smile and laugh at a good joke. However, you should not forget about tact and respect, so too frivolous, frivolous toasts with ambiguous hints and too juicy words are better to be put on for a get-together in a very close company of adults. And on New Year's Eve, when at the table, despite the late hour, there are children present, prepare only funny, funny toasts with simple, easy-to-understand humor.

If we are talking about corporate parties, we can memorize a toast praising the industry in which the company works, or pronounce a few rhymed lines wishing everyone present successful career and financial well-being. Such a toast will sound more than appropriate and will be greeted with a bang not only by colleagues, but also by the management team.


Let me raise my glass
Last year, past
And drain it to the bottom:
For happiness and good luck
For a new car, and a money suitcase to boot!


Health love and happiness
I wish you gathered here
For your success and joy,
I'm raising a glass now!


Champagne sparkles
The eyes of joy shine
The holiday is almost at the door
Health and happiness a lot
May the road come next year!

Short beautiful toasts for the New Year 2017 for a feast and corporate party


When a big company gathers for a festive table, it is not possible to say long and lengthy toasts of even the most pleasant content. After all, all those present want to speak, and no one has a special desire to spend the whole evening just for talking.This is where short, cool, New Year's toasts, literally consisting of 2-3 beautiful phrases, will come to the rescue. Of course, in such a small text of the toast it will not be possible to accommodate all the best cordial impulses and emotional feelings, but each of the guests will have the opportunity to say a few pleasant words to friends, relatives and colleagues gathered around the table.

Short, fun toasts for the New Year are also good because they do not bore guests and do not distract from the meal. But, nevertheless, they contain the warmest words and the best wishes with a wonderful and kind holiday. In addition, it is very easy to memorize a toast from a small number of lines so that at the right moment you can recite it with an expression, without fear of forgetting words or confusing a sequence of phrases.


Happy New Year! Raise the glasses!
Let sparkle sparkle in them!
May love reign between us!
And let life be just royal.


In the new year, the most amazing
I want to drink only for the main thing
For health, love and happiness,
A triumph that was nice.


Happiness endless for the new year I wish!
From the bottom of my heart, I lift my glass warmly,
Let this be a toast for the sweet and dear,
May all our dear be well

Cool short toasts for the festive table for the New 2017 Year


And for a homemade feast, and for a solid corporate party, cool, short toasts for the New 2017 year will do. The main thing is to choose the right moment in order to make funny lines of toast. You should not do it right away when those present just sat down at the table. Let the first to sound beautiful and touching toasts with congratulations and kind, sincere wishes that will be said by the owner of the house or one of the leading employees if it is about corporate party.

When official and solemn speeches on the occasion of the New 2017 of the Rooster were made, and those present were filled with a festive atmosphere and switched to informal communication, it is appropriate to take the floor and make a short funny toast in verse or prose. Hearing fervent, cool phrases, guests will smile and gladly raise glasses for good mood, optimism and wishes to celebrate New Year 2017 so that the holiday will be remembered for a lifetime, but at the same time there will be strength for an equally grandiose meeting of the Old New Year.


Let's drink to ensure that in the New Year we had everything that we dream about! So that we have what we plan, and the unplanned turned out to be the best expectations!


Happy New Year,
I wish you happiness, joy.
Santa Claus for the new year,
A bag of money let him carry.

Will let love and happiness,
Bypass let bad weather.
Positive and good.
Happy New Year to all, cheers!


Do you know why there are so many stars in the sky in winter? A new star begins to be born and everyone else comes to see this spectacle. New Year is the New Star. So let us drink to ensure that in this Year a New Star illuminates our path to Happiness, Health, Peace and Success to each of us. And we will drink the old year with the same old wine.

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