Top 10 countries for a chic and inexpensive vacation

No matter how much you earn, how old you are, and what goals you set in life, we all, in any case, dream of vivid emotions, new impressions and, of course, good rest, which would erase all the unpleasant manifestations of the routine. With the help of travels, we will definitely learn something new, rest our body and soul, get acquainted with new cultures, customs and traditions, what could be better?

Today we have prepared for you a list of 10 positions that will introduce you to the cheapest countries in which you can relax inexpensively, but at the same time, be filled with emotions and positive memories for the rest of your life!

For some reason, most of us are accustomed to dreaming of “traditional” holiday destinations that have long been working and developing in tourist destinations, and, therefore, they charge a considerable amount of tourist fees for their “services”. But in the world there are still such corners in which tourism is just beginning its development, however, you can relax there no worse than on advertised resorts. So what are we talking about?

  1. Cambodia

A country of amazing antiquities, incredible landscapes and very cheap food! In general, in Cambodia you always get the impression that you pay too little for the services provided, because here you can enjoy a tasty and satisfying dish for just a dollar, and even find accommodation for $ 5!

Such low prices are due to the fact that until recently they did not want to go to the country because of its difficult past, but today the situation is beginning to change radically. Now there are a lot of young people who come to Cambodia from all over the world, and, believe me, there really is a reason!

  1. Tunisia

A wonderful beach resort, which remains unjustifiably abandoned by tourists, what to hide, there really were reasons: the unstable political situation in the country gave full reasons for this.

Today the situation has stabilized as a whole, the prices for rest have dropped significantly: the authorities are trying with all their might to attract the former tourist flows. So, for very reasonable money, you can enjoy cozy and uncrowded beaches, a pleasant atmosphere, as well as chat with very good-natured locals.

  1. Vietnam

Even literally 10 years ago, Vietnam did not even know what mass tourism is, today its popularity is growing every day.

You can relax here very cheaply, while admiring a really beautiful country, enjoying an unusual traditional cuisine, as well as visiting the most beautiful natural attractions.

  1. India

Many people know that this country is poor and poorly developed, but here, as in any other, there are expensive hotels, exclusive designer shops, and even a very luxurious beach holiday.

But if you want to see India from the inside, so to speak, as it is, then go away from the capital and you will be impressed both by the price level and the really interesting and colorful rest.

Next on our list is top 10 - South Africa. Perhaps you will be surprised, because a couple of years ago, the prices for vacation here were quite high, the average travel was a lot of money.

However, today South Africa has become much more accessible, you can go there at any time of the year and for a relatively small amount of money to rest at its fullest.

Perhaps the flight to this distant and mysterious island would not be so cheap, but prices in Bali itself never ceased to please travelers.A house with a swimming pool and all amenities can be rented cheaper than in Moscow, and food and transport will cost a mere penny.

Rest in this paradise of the planet will appeal to any tourist, because there is everything one can only wish: magnificent nature, fabulous beaches, beautiful temples and very friendly locals.

  1. Bolivia

If you have long dreamed of visiting South America, be sure to go to Bolivia, this is where the most pleasant ratio of price and quality is, this applies not only to products, but also to housing, recreation and entertainment in general.

It is here, in the very center of the capital, you can see the well-preserved streets in the colonial style, you can stroll around the local museums and enjoy a very good cuisine. For interest: a bottle of good beer here costs 1 dollar, while in the world, on average, it will cost you 4-5 dollars.

  1. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a very comfortable resort, clean beaches and an exciting cultural program for relatively little money. Choose only you - the seaside, or city holidays with a lot of museums and ancient temples in the capital of the country.

  1. Romania

If you want to enjoy magnificent castles, interesting architecture and the impressive Danube Delta, then be sure to go to Romania. A country that is very acceptable in all respects, where you can always find where to save money and at the same time be pleased with your cultural holidays.

  1. Uruguay

While everyone wants to get to Brazil, go to Uruguay, believe me, you will not regret it. There really is something to pamper yourself: cozy beaches, juicy traditional steaks, as well as a very wide choice of excursions, both within the country and far beyond its borders.

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