Top 10 famous actors who do not have an Oscar

The Oscar is the highest award for any actor. But some talented people have not yet become happy owners of this figurine.

Famous actors who did not receive an Oscar

We suggest finding out the top 10 famous actors without an Oscar:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio.Leonardo is removed almost from childhood, and some films, in which he played the main roles, have become real masterpieces of cinema. All cult paintings do not list: "Blood Diamond", "Aviator", "Titanic", "Isle of the Damned", "Beginning", "The Great Gatsby", "The Wolf of Wall Street" and so on.

But DiCaprio still did not win an Oscar, although he was nominated for this award 5 times. But, unfortunately, the representatives of the jury each time chose someone else. Does the talented actor himself worry about this?

Leonardo DiCaprio

Probably, but in any case, the experiences do not interfere with Leonardo DiCaprio to act in films and even produce them. It remains only to wait, when the desired statue will be in the hands of Leonardo.After all, the talent of this guy (by the way, today he can already be called a well-established man) conquered more than one heart.

2. Jim Carrey. Surprisingly, this actor has never been nominated for this prestigious award. And this after so many memorable roles in films that managed to fall in love with millions: “Bruce Almighty”, “Mask”, “The Truman Show”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Liar, Liar”, “Man on the Moon” and many others.

Surprisingly, Carrie is the owner of two Golden Globes, but he still could not get an Oscar. Jim himself in one of his interviews mentioned that to comedians, in general, are strange.

Jim carrey

They are not rewarded for roles in cult comedies, and when they attempt to play in a serious picture, they immediately begin to condemn. Probably it is, because comedians rarely become owners of the Oscars.

3. Brad Pitt. Surprisingly, this talented actor and spouse of one of the most famous actresses never once held a figurine in their hands. It is noteworthy that Brad has more than once headed the lists of the sexiest and most desirable men of the planet, but even this did not help him to receive one of the most prestigious awards.

Brad Pitt

But the chances of getting it were because the actor was nominated three times: in 1996 for a supporting role in the movie "12 Monkeys", in 2009 for a chic game in the cult film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", and in 2012 for the role in the movie "The Man Who Changed Everything." It remains to hope that the reward will still find his hero.

4. Johnny Depp- a true master of reincarnation and conqueror of women's hearts. He is one of the few who can cope with the role of a hero or a scoundrel, and with the role of some eccentric. But while the talents of Johnny were not appreciated by the jury.

Although the chance to become the owner of the statuette fell to Depp three times: in 2003 (then he could receive an award for the role of charismatic pirate Jack Sparrow), in 2005 for his role in the film “The Magic Country”, and also in 2008 (then he played the main role in the movie "Sweeney Todd, a demon barber from Fleet Street).


But Johnny continues to delight fans and admirers with new roles in the cult works of the best directors and with his incredible fascinating and charming charm, so he will probably soon be able to boast a statuette.

5. Robert Downey Jr.was twice almost one step away from the prize, but both times it was bypassed. For the first time, Robert 1993 was nominated for an Oscar for his role in the touching film Chaplin, and after more than 15 years (in 2009) they wanted to reward him for his work in the film Soldiers of Failure.

Robert Downey Jr.

Surprisingly, the cute and charismatic "iron man" (it was this role that made Downey Jr. popular) was never seen by the jury, although Robert's game deserves respect. But the actor does not give up and continues to work and develop.

6.Outrageous, charismatic and a bit strange British actressHelena Bonham Carterand in combination the spouse and muse of the talented director Tim Burton was nominated for the Oscar twice, but she never became the owner of the cherished statuette.

Helena Bonham Carter

In 1998, she was noticed in the movie “Wings of the Dove”, in which she played the main female role, and in 2011, Helen was wanted to be rewarded for the supporting female role in the movie “The King Says!”. Carter even wrote a long, touching and solemn speech on her handkerchief, but she never said it. Helena herself stated that she will prove by her defeats that the victory is not the most important thing in life.

7.Charming and charming smileCameron Diaz, unfortunately, did not help this actress to get the coveted statuette. And although almost every year there are films with the participation of Diaz, but so far the talents of the girl have not been noticed, because she was not even nominated for the award.

Cameron Diaz

But this does not prevent fans from enjoying movies with Cameron, which are already so many that it is almost impossible to remember everything. Here are just a few of them: Gangs of New York, Other Woman, Mask, Exchange Holidays, Every Sunday, Charlie's Angels, Other Woman, Home Video, Very bad teacher. The actress is especially successful comedic roles, the acting game Diaz makes you laugh heartily, literally clutching her stomach.

8. Antonio Banderas. This brutal macho and hero-lover, who seems to have become even sexier over the years, but Oscar in his entire life (by the way, Antonio is over 50) never received, although he became the first Spanish actor to be nominated for Golden Globe Award, which is also very, very prestigious in the world of cinema.

Antonio Banderas

It is worth noting that two films with Banderos were nominated for an Oscar (“Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown” and “The Law of Desire” in the nomination “The Best Foreign Film”).In general, Antonio starred in more than 60 films, including such famous and cult as “Children of Spies”, “Four Rooms”, “Interview with the Vampire”, “Once in Mexico” and many others.

9. Tom Cruisebecame famous and popular around the world thanks to the film “Mission Impossible”, but began to act in a movie very, very long time, so it can be safely called a real “veteran”.

Tom Cruise

But today Tom is one of the most popular and highly paid actors. He starred in an incredible number of films, including Risky Business, War of the Worlds, Edge of the Future, Jack Reacher, Knight of the Day, Best Shooter, Vanilla Sky, Widely Closed eyes.

Three times Cruise was nominated for an Oscar: in 1990 for his role in the film "Born on the Fourth of July", in 1997 for the main role in the film "Jerry Maguire" and in 2000 for the film "Magnolia". But each time something prevented Tom from reaching his goal.

10. Sarah Jessica Parkerbecame famous thanks to the TV series "Sex and the City", which appeared on screens from 1998 to 2004. Then several films of the same name were shot. The plot is incredibly simple, like everything brilliant, but the game of Sary-Jessica Parker did not leave anyone indifferent.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Dreaming about success and love, Carrie Bradshaw won the love of millions of fans. By the way, for this role, the actress received the Golden Globe award four times, but she only dreams about the Oscar.

Although the actress is not discouraged and at the awards ceremonies appears in stunning outfits of the best designers. So the attention of the fans is always guaranteed to her, and Oscar will wait.

There are other actors who have not received the prestigious Oscar. These include Edward Norton, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, Gary Oldman, Jennifer Aniston and Will Smith.

It remains only to wish all the talented actors of creative success and receiving the Oscar. And we will enjoy watching the best films with their participation.

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