Top 10 most interesting films with Will Smith

Will Smith became the second child of four in the family of a worker from a refrigeration company and a school teacher, but in life this charming and sociable little boy is only number one. From childhood, Will was a good student, easily made new acquaintances, and even received a scholarship at the University of Massachusetts, but abandoned her in favor of a career in show business.

It turns out that from childhood he was engaged in modern music, together with his best friend Jeff Towson created a band that was gaining popularity at an incredible speed, and his records became platinum.

Real handsome

Over time, realizing that show business is not always simple and easy, Will switched to professional Hollywood circles, where, thanks to his “suspended” language and, naturally, his innate talent, he began to receive more and more new and interesting roles.

Today, Will Smith - one of the most famous and popular actors in Hollywood, he got tens of thousands of fans around the world, and films with his participation shoot crazy box office.

According to the authoritative magazine Forebes, this man in 2008 became the highest paid actor in Hollywood, earning about $ 80 million in one year.


For all those who are not yet familiar or unfamiliar with the work of such a unique and talented actor, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the top 10 best films of Will Smith, so that you personally can be convinced of his talent and get a lot of positive emotions from watching. So, let's begin.

«In pursuit of happiness», 2006 year.

The film, which was filmed on real events, tells about the life of a man who managed to rise from a homeless single father to a millionaire in a brokerage company.

The film-drama does not contain a sea of ​​special effects, blood or magical graphics, everything is based on the talented game of the main characters, as well as on simple human feelings and qualities that now admire: inexhaustible faith, kindness and desire to live for the sake of who is with you and depends on you.

The Pursuit of Happyness

The role of the son of the main character was masterfully performed by the real scion of Will Smith, many film critics say that the actors managed to create a special action on the screen thanks to their sister ties.There is nothing more to tell here, just this film should be watched by everyone, because it teaches a lot, in the first place, to become better than we are.

"Seven Lives", 2008.

Another drama with Will Smith, which won a large number of positive reviews from film critics and the simple audience, a film for those who love and understand what a drama is. But here is a nice bonus - the plot of the film is completely non-linear, as is the case in most films of this genre, you don’t understand what you are talking about for the first 40 minutes, and only in the middle all the questions begin to find their correct answers.

Seven lives

According to the plot, the main character, Tim Thomas, gets into a car accident, as a result of which, due to his fault, 7 people are killed. To atone for his guilt, Tim goes on a long journey, at the end of which he meets and, ironically, falls in love with the terminally ill girl. Can he figure out what to do this time?

"Men in Black", 1997.

Funny and already a cult story, which has turned into a trilogy, today is very popular in the United States and far beyond. A fantastic comedy about imperturbable special agents, who remained the best and only defense of planet Earth from the threatening activities of aliens.

Men in Black

Their activities are secret, the main characters must remain cool and cool throughout the movie, because they are the best and most powerful, but Smith's talented game still dilutes their images with light comical notes. In 2007 and 2013, the other two parts of the trilogy were released, which can boast no less popular and love of the viewer.

“Enemy of the State”, 1998.

The film “Enemy of the State” opens up an interesting idea for the viewer: we are followed even when we are completely unaware of it. Robert Dean, the main character of the picture, a successful lawyer, in whose hands randomly falls evidence that could destroy the quiet lives of many high-ranking officials.

Enemy of the state

It’s not so easy to use it, because the secret services are instantly included in the game, which are capable of drastically changing the life of an ordinary person in an instant, and not for the better.

“I, Robot”, 2004

Another American blockbuster, which tells about life on the planet in the near future, in 2035. The protagonist of Smith, the detective of the future, is investigating a murder, which, according to all the evidence, was completely outraged artificial intelligence.

I am a robot

By that time, robots are becoming indispensable helpers of humanity, but at the same time they are becoming a real threat that can lead to a catastrophe. How will Will Smith, the public's favorite, cope with this? We look and appreciate.

“I am a legend,” 2007.

A screen version of the eponymous novel by a famous American writer, in which the main character, Will Smith, plays the only person with a unique immunity who survived a zombie apocalypse. The film describes all the feelings and emotions of a person who is gradually losing his mind from loneliness, but at the same time constantly fighting for his existence: at night he holds back zombie raids, and during the day he is looking for answers to his questions.

I'm a legend

“Removal rules: Hitch method”, 2005.

A romantic comedy in which Will Smith appears in a non-standard, for the audience, role: he does not save the world and does not show complex dramatic feelings, here he is an ultra-modern matchmaker who helps his male clients like the opposite sex.

Hitch removal method

The film is filled with a sharp and kind sense of humor, Will coped with his role perfectly, despite the fact that he is not at all what the audience used to see him.

"Independence Day", 1996.

Despite the fact that in this film the actor did not play the main role, his appearance here left a deep and memorable mark in the mind of the viewer, because this young and witty boy was not “tasted” much and was recognized all over the world.

independence Day

But after this film, everything changed: Will portrayed a simple, but very brave, charismatic and fearless pilot who, with other heroic-minded heroes, once again saved our planet from alien invaders.

The Bad Boys, 1995

The comedy thriller, which, in its time, was a very popular and beloved audience, tells the fascinating story of a young and incredibly rich detective Mike Lowry. This representative of the “golden youth”, in spite of his enormous opportunities and means, works as a simple cop and investigates crimes in the sphere of drug trafficking.

Bad Boys

"The Legend of Bagger Vans", 2000.

Good, kind, even slightly mystical film, the actions of which unfold in times of great depression. Will Smith plays the role of the mysterious stranger Bagger Vance, who helps to cope with his "demons" drunk golfer, played by Matt Damon.

Legend of Bagger Vans

The film is not about golf or sports, but about human feelings and unknown strength, which sometimes helps to cope with yourself and the circumstances that greatly influenced the course of life.

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