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0_5528e_6641d9ea_XXLWho among us does not like to laugh at the great comedy series? Funny jokes, ironic cues, ridiculous situations and funny characters - all this easily raises the mood. The series will help brighten up the evening after a hard day's work, entertain you on weekends and will be a great way to spend time for a large group of friends. Right now it is very important, because soon we are waiting for the long New Year holidays!

Especially for you, we have prepared a rating, among which are the good old sitcoms and the animated series that are so popular today. Watch and enjoy!

  1. "Friends".

Probably, there is no person who would not hear about this series. For 10 seasons with the main characters - six friends, which just did not happen. Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffe, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller - they are so different, but they get along perfectly together, constantly getting into funny and ridiculous situations.


  1. "The Big Bang Theory".

Popular TV series, which continues to this day.In the center of events - physics scientists, renting an apartment next door to a young and pretty blonde Penny. Their inability to communicate with the opposite sex causes a lot of funny funny situations.


  1. "How I Met your mother".

Dear and touching series about the stormy youth of the main character, who in 2030 decided to tell his children the story of acquaintance with their mother.

how I Met

  1. "Parks and recreation areas."

The story from the life of Leslie Knope - official, who once realized that every day she was engaged in completely meaningless work and decided to turn an abandoned quarry into a recreation park.


  1. "Clinic".

Another great TV series, where the friendship of young doctors - John Dorian and Christopher Turk - is described with humor and irony. They finish their studies and get a job at the clinic "Holy Heart". The series is full of touching moments and funny situations.


  1. "Office".

The series is filmed in the style of a reality show, where the characters periodically in private conditions share their thoughts and feelings into a camera. The venue is the office of a company engaged in the supply of various paper products. Funny situations and conflicts between colleagues resemble the everyday work of many of us.

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  1. "Rick and Morty."

A cartoon created exclusively for the adult public.Those who love a strange, unusual humor, he certainly will like. In the center of the plot - a brilliant scientist who loves to invent gadgets, drink and go on crazy intergalactic travels with his teenage grandson Morty.

Rick-and-morty-runaway from monster

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