Tracheitis in adults: symptoms, treatment and prevention

Causes of tracheitis

Tracheitis can be caused by both a viral infection and a bacterial infection. If you have a viral form, you are shown bed rest and expectorants. But if the tracheitis is bacterial in nature, then the situation is more complicated. Such tracheitis can cause quite serious complications.

Tracheitis is usually accompanied by laryngitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis. In acute tracheitis, severe swelling of the tracheal mucosa appears. A runny nose may suddenly appear, and then also suddenly a cough will change.

Tracheitis: symptoms in adults

1. The main symptom is cough. And this cough (both dry and wet) is quite painful. Most often, his attacks are aggravated at night. It may be accompanied by pain behind the sternum. After a few days, the sputum becomes thinner.

2. Sore throat.

3. Temperature. Especially often it accompanies the disease in children

4.Respiratory failure

5. General weakness

6. Squeezing ribs when swallowing

If these symptoms appear, you should consult an otolaryngologist, who will prescribe a further examination.

Tracheitis: treatment

How to treat tracheitis, the doctor decides after the examination. Antibiotics are usually prescribed in the treatment of bacterial tracheitis. For viral, antiviral agents.

Also shown are various expectorant drugs, mustard plasters, antihistamines and alkaline inhalations. With a dry cough, the patient will be prescribed antitussives. We must not forget about the abundant warm drink.

When treating tracheitis, folk remedies are considered herbs as effective - licorice root, althea root.

A special massage can also be used in the treatment.

With proper and timely treatment, recovery occurs within 1-2 weeks. If treatment is started, then acute tracheitis develops into chronic. Often it appears in smokers and drinkers, in those who suffer from heart and kidney disease. The disease in this case takes a long time, with exacerbations.


Prevention of tracheitis is relevant for people who have a tendency to respiratory diseases.To avoid this disease, begin to harden, often clean the apartment and ventilate the room. It will not be superfluous to strengthen the immune system.

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