True New Year signs and customs

New Year and Christmas have long ceased to be ordinary holidays, where you can only eat enough and get drunk on various goodies. These festivals have become something big, they have become a starting point for us to start a new stage in life.

Modern people have no patience, they want to know what awaits them in the future, so they are always looking for clues wherever they can. We believe in New Year and Christmas signs, as they help determine future events. To believe in signs or not, a person has the right to decide for himself. In any case, knowing them will be useful to each of us.

Even the deepest skeptics rejoice when they are somehow lucky. So why not try to perform certain rituals and attract prosperity, happiness and love. Even if you do not have 100% confidence that this will be so, it’s worth a try, because at least it's fun.

On New Year's and Christmas days, we briefly have the opportunity to stop and enjoy every second of rest.At such moments of life, you can see that nothing happens just like that. Fate often sends us signs, only we have no time to read them. Therefore, at least in the New Year 2013 and Christmas, pay attention to what is happening around you. You'd be surprised how accurate the festive omens can be.


Many people know about the sign, according to which, before the new year comes, all debts must be repaid, all offenses should be forgiven and business completed. You can’t take negative things into the future, so make every effort to keep your conscience clear to yourself and to the world before the chiming clock.

On New Year's Eve, you need to wear new, beautiful things. Thanks to this, next year you will be waited by bright and colorful events in life.

By the same principle, one should set the table, prepare treats and decorate the house. The richer, the more profitable for you will be next year.

The wishes made over 12 strikes of chimes will come true without fail. Only not at once, but throughout the year. Perhaps you will forget about them, but the miracle will still happen and you will get what you dreamed about.

The person to whom you first give your kiss after the chiming clock will be with you the whole next year.Your relationship will be as close as ever.

Next year will be full of kindness and good luck if you meet a good dog or cat on a festive night. Just be sure to feed them something delicious.

In no case can not oversleep chimes. First, the fact that you will dream may come true, but the person has not yet learned how to control his dreams. And secondly, you not only can not make wishes, but miss all the fun.

On New Year's Eve, it is desirable not to break anything and not to break. You can, of course, say that a broken glass will be lucky, but this is just an excuse. Want to spend the next year without material loss - be careful.

You can not throw garbage before meeting the new year. Otherwise, you will have to deal with dirty things next year. Better hide it away.

You can borrow an interesting sign from the Italians. On the eve of the New Year, collect in a bag all the rubbish that you have long wanted to leave. When it gets dark, light a large fire and burn your past. The fire purifies and you can start life from scratch.

If you want to have material prosperity next year, then put in your pocket big money. Let them join you in the new year.

The louder you will meet the New Year, the more you will attract positive energy.

In the festive turmoil do not forget to “feed the brownie”, because he also deserved a holiday. So he will be grateful to you and will provide reliable protection for your accommodation.

Be sure to lay a white tablecloth on the table. It will symbolize purity and openness to new events and impressions.

Before the New Year, cut your hair and take a shower. So you leave all the bad things in the past.

After the celebration, you should not throw away food. Give them to animals if you don’t make a profit.

During all the holidays, you should have products on the table: fruits, drinks, sweets. An empty table symbolizes poverty.

New Year's signs as you see a lot. Each of them has its own meaning. Believe only in good and do not hang your nose from trouble. In each event, you can find something positive, especially when New Year is on the street.

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