Tulips pattern for kids

We make a spectacular drawing - an application for children "Tulips behind the fence." Tulip is a symbol of spring and the beginning of a new life. Today we will make a hand-made article, which will depict a garden with tulips!

For crafts we will need:

  • Paints (regular or finger paints)
  • Dishwashing Sponge
  • Cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Brush

We have to make a pattern with carved tulips. It is easy to make, bending the sheet in half and cutting half a tulip in the fold. When we break the sheet, we have a smooth hole in the shape of a tulip.

 drawing tulips

drawing tulips

Put the template on a sheet of paper.

We need to paint the pattern. We can do this as follows:

  • Paint the template with a brush (in this case, we will use the usual paint)
  • Dip the sponge into the prepared paint and press it to the template (for this techniques more suitable finger paints). We dip the sponge in paint and make our tulips multi-colored.

Fill the holes with paint.

Remove the template from the sheet of paper. Oh, miracle! Color prints of tulips remained on a sheet of paper.

 Tulip prints

Tulip prints

Making a sponge pattern is a very interesting thing, but immediately after we will need to wash our hands of this technique.

Now we take a brush. It's time to draw bright green stems and leaves to our tulips.

 Draw stems and leaves 1

Draw stems and leaves 1

Draw stems and leaves 2

Drawing stems and leaves 2

The picture for the children of the tulips is already ready, but we still have to perform the application.

We let our picture dry.

Now we will make a real fence for our of the garden. To do this, we cut out the contours of the future fence from a sheet of cardboard, as shown in the photo.

 Paste the fence

Paste the fence

Ribbed texture of cardboard out of the box is very similar to wood.The wooden fence is almost like a real one!

 Beautiful garden with a fence

A beautiful garden with a fence

This interesting spring craft hands looks very impressive. If you did it not alone, but in the company of other artists, then you can organize a real exhibition of spring landscapes!

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