Twine Jewelry

Surely every craftsman who does not mind spending his free time on creating some kind of decoration or just knickknacks has thought about making an original Christmas decoration with his own hands. This master class will be devoted to how you can make an unusual New Year's ball of string with your own hands. For work, we need the following things:• • Twine (about a meter)
• A pasteur that needs to be made thick enough • Scissors • Inflated balls • Silver or white spray paint
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Unwind the required amount of twine. It is worth noting that the footage will directly depend on what size ball you want to make.
The twine will need to be coated with paste so that it is completely soaked.
smear the klester on the twine
Next, you need to carefully wrap all this twine on the ball, distributing the thread evenly.This is necessary to ensure that the paste is not only faster than dried, but the product itself later looked more neat and beautiful.
to wrap ball
We continue to wrap a ball until a string of thread ends. It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to distribute the thread in such a way that there is not a lot of empty space between the threads. In the end, you should have something like this
 roll up
Now you need to let the ball of thread dry completely. You can speed up the process using a hair dryer. However, it is worth remembering that too hot and powerful air flow should not be directed to the ball. After your ball of thread dries, you can paint it with an aerosol can.
If you wish, you can decorate your ball with a holiday bow from the tape.
Decorations for the new year of twine

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