Two in one: for the sake of the son mother pretended to be dad on Fathers Day

“You and me and dad too!” - declared the boy, bringing home an invitation to a school holiday.

Incomplete families all the time. Well, when both parents are involved in the child's life. But often mothers left without a man in the family have to independently educate their children. And at the same time in some miraculous way to make sure that they do not feel defective among their peers from complete families.

If you are in such a situation, you may be inspired by the example of Whitney Kittrell from America. Who for the sake of her son Lucas for a few hours became ... a man.

“When I became a single mother three years ago, I promised myself that I would do anything to get out of my way to give my children a normal life, no different from the lives of other children,” said Whitney on her page. on Facebook". - Everything was good, everything worked out. We traveled alone, I taught my son to play ball, we saved up memories and pleasant moments.

Photo: @ whitney.k.garcia

The delicate balance threatened to collapse at once.First-grader Lucas brought from school an invitation to the traditional festival "Dad and Donuts."

“I asked him if he wanted his grandfather to go with him,” recalls Whitney. - And he smiled and said: “No. I want you to go. You are my mom and dad. ”

There were no options. More precisely, there was one. Look the most "pap-like." Stretch men's outfit, draw a mustache and a beard. Take a deep breath and go have fun with your son.

“I was so embarrassed, but I could not help smiling when he introduced me to classmates,” recalls the woman. “Lucas said,“ This is my mom ... but my dad too. So I brought her. ”

Photo: @ whitney.k.garcia

The woman tried very hard. And she did it! The behavior of the son was the best proof of that. When she was about to leave, Lucas ran to her, hugged and kissed her tightly.

- He whispered in my ear: "Mom ... I know that you will always be with me and will do everything for me." Thank you. I love you, ”says Whitney about her most memorable day. - I hope that he will remember this day, because I will never forget either him or his sweet words.

The post of a woman in a few days collected more than 100 thousand posts and almost 15.5 thousand comments.Which can serve as a kind of applause: almost all admired the act of the mother. This is true love.

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