Universal Key

Building a Universal Key The assembly is incredibly simple and takes you no more than 5 minutes along with the preparation. All you need to do is to weld one end of the chain to the metal profile. Welding is best done on both sides of the chain. This is the end of the assembly. The universal key is ready to use.

Universal key

Using a universal key Skip the second end of the chain in the center of the profile and you will have a ring that you should wear on the part, which you want to unscrew.
Universal Key
In this tool, the chain is taken at a break and the greater the effort of the lever, the stronger the grip will be. The key perfectly hooks both round objects and faceted ones. There is not much difference for him, whether it is a nut or a pipe.


Testing a wrench on a round pipe:
Universal Key
Key test on a hex nut:
Universal Key
Universal Key
Universal Key
The result is excellent in all cases. Mesh at height. It does not crank anything. This miracle also perfectly turns plastic and polypropylene pipes, without significant deformations, which is so important when working with soft plastic. Universal Key
This useful key does not take much space in the car, in the garage or at home. But it may be useful to you at the right time. So friends, feel free to make yourself your universal key.

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