Unix Polyurethane Beams

The company "Unix" on the world market for over 15 years. Are engaged in the production of necessary parts from polyurethane and polystyrene for decorating the ceiling. Including they have a huge production of beams for ceilings. The company "Unix" is a Moscow manufacturer, their main pride is Unix beams. They make them on a special technology. Polyurethane beams are outwardly reminiscent of the color range and texture of the wooden beams, but they are better in properties and quality than they are.

Primary qualities of Unix beams

  1. Decorative trim is made under wood, and properties are better.
  2. Light weight, which is why it is easy to assemble, transport and easy to store.
  3. Inside the hollow, which allows you to hide inside the wire, the seam between the wall and the ceiling, of the cable.
  4. For the installation of Unix beams, it is not necessary to be an expert, the main thing is to know how to properly make repairs in the room and have some experience and some tools.
  5. Polyurethane beams are eco-friendly, do not harm the health of households, tolerate temperature differences that are resistant to burning.
  6. No shrinkage and deformation.
  7. Unix beams are able to withstand high temperatures, which is why it is possible to install hidden lights in them safely.
  8. Polyurethane beams can be easily coated on top with any paint.
  9. Save time during installation because it is light and bend well.

10. Do not be afraid of moisture. You can not be afraid to do wet cleaning.

11. There is no fungus.

12. Saving money costs less than wooden beams.

Making beams

Unix beams are made from a unique polymer material - polyurethane. A huge number of molecules and polyurethane, which are polymers. Polyurethane is capable of changing properties, it all depends on what its composition is. When it is produced, it can be experimented by adding the ingredients of a different chemical sample, and its physical properties will change. It can become a sponge or, on the contrary, very hard, it can change color, it can change texture or other properties.There is also polyurethane foam - it is foamed polyurethane. And it is ideal for decorated stucco. It is very light, affordable, much cheaper than other material, but at the same quality. It is durable, does not crumble. Polyurethane products are suitable for any application for decorating rooms.

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