Unusual and very beautiful idea of ​​a tea table. The result is beyond praise.

It is possible to restore the table in different ways: by paint, film, in decoupage technique ... But there is another, possibly unusual and non-standard idea, which, nevertheless, clearly deserves attention - this is restoration using tiles. It is better to take a mosaic: it looks festive and extraordinary, however, this moment is not fundamental. Just look at the final result:

Repeat this restoration is not difficult. If you do not have a suitable table for experiments, then we will begin with its creation.

To work you need to prepare:

  • 2-3 boards of necessary length and width;
  • 2 bars (legs attached to them);
  • 4-6 parts for legs;
  • screws;
  • saw;
  • wood treatment products;
  • mosaic;
  • tile adhesive;
  • grouting;
  • notched trowel;
  • sponge.

We start with the creation of the table. The order of work should be familiar to experienced craftsmen:

1.Fasten the boards for the base with the help of bars, assemble and twist the legs with screws. We cover the table with tools for wood, leave to dry. Only after that go to work with tiles.

2. Getting down to the main point - the restoration. Prepare tile adhesive and notched trowel. Apply it evenly on the table, lay the mosaic on top.

3. For edges use tile pieces.

4. Top grouting and erase excess sponge, leave to dry.

Wonderful mosaic table is ready!

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