Unusual use of aspirin

I am sure that most people use aspirin in limited cases. Such as headache, when the temperature rises, with a cold, etc. I dare to assure you that aspirin use cases are not limited.
For example, aspirin can alleviate a heart attack.
Aspirin fights blood clotting, resulting in inhibits trambotsyty. This is one of the best cases when you are on the verge of death due to a sudden heart attack.
If you feel that you are having a heart attack, take an aspirin pill and call an ambulance.
By the way, aspirin chewed in the mouth has a faster and more direct effect than a regular water-fed tablet.
Aspirin fights sweat stains!
Oh, this sweat-yellowed collar or shirtless armpits.Aspirin can help remove these spots.
To do this, crush 1 - 2 tablets of aspirin and mix with a drop of water. You have a paste that needs to be treated with sweat stains. After a few minutes, you can wash off our paste and erase the thing as usual.
In the same way, aspirin can help from blood stains.
Hair color restoration.
This application of aspirin refers to blondes who often like to swim in the pool. The chlorine contained in the pools has a very negative effect on the hair. They become fragile, sometimes a greenish tint appears.
No problem. To avoid this and strengthen the hair, it is necessary to dissolve 8-6 tablets in water, then apply this solution to the hair and wait 10 - 15 minutes. Then rinse with water. You can also wash your hair with shampoo after all the procedures.
Aspirin against acne.
Salicylic acid is also good for acne. If you have a pimple, crush the pill into a powder, add some water and apply this paste on the pimple. Wait a few minutes. Then gently rinse with water.The redness and size of the pimple should decrease.
Aspirin solution can be used to combat the appearance of acne filth. To do this, it is necessary to wash the surface with an aspirin solution.
Aspirin for insect bites.

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