Update your favorite jeans with an elegant lace applique

The classic blue jeans that have bothered you last season can easily be turned into a trendy, refined thing. Decorate the pants or other denim items with elegant lace.

For the project will need:

  • Jeans classic cut;
  • lace or sewing;
  • pins;
  • sharp scissors;
  • textile glue (optional);
  • needle with thread

The easiest way is to straighten the lace, fasten it with pins to the fabric and sew it with small stitches. You can additionally fix the individual elements with textile glue, but in this case, the bonding places will become more dense.

In the new season, ragged jeans no longer top the top of interesting trends. Patch the holes with a stretch lace fabric and again be at your best!

If torn jeans for you are not a tribute to fashion, but a lifestyle, add some lace to make the model more relevant.

Even those models that have long gone out of fashion and are not in their first year in the closet can get a new life.

Short shorts or miniskirts with lace trim will also come in handy. You can decorate the edges of clothes or make decorative inserts.

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