Upholstery of upholstered furniture: a new life of old sofas


Upholstered furniture creates coziness and comfort in the house. Properly chosen, it decorates the interior, emphasizes the style. But over time, the upholstery wears out. Sofas, chairs and chairs acquire a dull, shabby appearance.

How to upgrade furniture

You can solve the problem in two ways: buy a new headset or replace the upholstery. The second option is less expensive, but may require the participation of the master. Upholstery is a labor-intensive process, so a certain amount of experience and a special tool are needed for self-stretching.

In order not to risk, you can contact the workshop of remont-meb.ru, whose experts will perform furniture upholstery at home. This will avoid additional shipping costs. At home, the wizard’s work is easier to control and, if necessary, make adjustments by adding new elements.

Selection of upholstery

Before you start constrictions, you should decide on the choice of furniture fabrics. Self-buying will save money. It is advisable to take upholstery material, the density of which is from 360 g / sq. meter and up. This will increase the service life.

If the restoration is subject to children's furniture, then you need to choose only natural hypoallergenic fabric that is easy to clean - cotton or linen. Wearing jacquard, chenille, tapestry or velor fabrics are well suited for bedroom sets. In the living room, the upholstery should be made by flock, courtesan, artificial suede or microfiber. These synthetic materials are durable and do not require special care.

How to make a waist

Upholstery upholstery requires care. One of the easiest ways to waist that you can do yourself is to replace the covers. If a sofa is being restored, it must first be taken apart. Then remove the upholstery from each part. Slip covers at the seams into individual elements. For them to make patterns of new parts, leaving an allowance of 3-4 cm for the seams. After that, the covers are sewn and put on furniture.

If replacement requires foam rubber, then it is necessary to take measurements from the places of its installation. On the sides there is enough material 2 cm thick, and on the seat and back is 4. Foam rubber can be laid in two layers: hard and soft.

More complex cases may require the help of a specialist. To do this, contact the studio and call the master to the house. He will reanimate your upholstered furniture and breathe a second life into it.

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