Urgently need money

Hello. Now in our family there is such a situation that a large amount of money is urgently required. Even began to think about selling cars. Advise what to do? We live in Moscow.


I would not immediately sell the car. Ask if someone you know can lend you money. You can also take a bank loan in cash or open a credit card.

My husband took a loan from a pawnshop on the security of a car. Registration passes quickly, and immediately get the money. The car remains on the covered guarded parking lot, even the mileage is fixed. If you want, you can extend or redeem the contract ahead of time. In Moscow, you can arrange a loan on the security of a car, for example, here:https://lombard-capital.ru/

A year ago, our family was in a similar situation. My husband did not want to get involved with either banks or pawnshops and immediately sold the car at a fairly low price. Now regrets it.

Ideally, of course, you would take a loan, sell exactly nothing, then you have to buy it again.

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