USB flash drive in the form of a bracelet

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread;
  2. cardboard, for example, from a candy box;
  3. reinforced tape;
  4. super glue;
  5. thin flash drive;
  6. scissors.

Step 1

We cut a strip of cardboard about 3 cm wide, and the length depends on the wrist. Fold the strip along in half, glue and glue reinforced tape. We do not glue the ends, but only paste them (see photo Step 1.1).

At one end we stick a flash drive and wind up a strip of tape. Then we insert the end into the other end of the bracelet, which is also wrapped with a tape of adhesive tape. At the same time, let's see that the end of the flash drive does not easily slip out and both ends of the bracelet fit tightly to each other.

Step 2

We wrap the base of the bracelet with multi-colored floss threads, tightly wrapping the coil to the coil. We glue the ends of the threads to the bracelet using super glue.

All,USB Flash Drive Braceletis ready.

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