do-it-yourself USB light bulb

What is needed for a USB lamp?

Making USB lamps

Disassembling a light bulb. For this you need to pry with a flat screwdriver white dome. It is glued and should gradually move away from your pressure. Remove the internal board, it’s more for us it will not be necessary, we will have it.
Making USB lamps
Making a hole in the base for the wire with a hot soldering iron. You can just drill a drill.
Do-it-yourself USB light bulb
Skip the wire to power the light bulb.
Do-it-yourself USB light bulb
We now need to build a very simple circuit to power the LEDs from USB - 5 V.
we collect the scheme
We do everything on a piece of plastic. I have a small brightness, but if you want to brighter - you need to do everything on an aluminum piece of metal. For better heat removal from LEDs.The resistance of the resistors can be adjusted and the power of the LEDs, and hence their heating.
USB light bulb with our own hands
We glue our collected fee to the bulb. Sticking on hot glue.
Do-it-yourself USB light bulb
Now we are assembling a light bulb. Glass can be glued to super glue.
Do-it-yourself USB Bulb
This is how the finished USB-powered lamp looks.
Do-it-yourself USB light bulb
And here's how to glow. Almost like the lights before when working from 220 V. LEDs can be taken more powerful and more in quantity. But in this case, the current consumption will also increase, which can affect the USB load. I made the best choice.

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