Useful properties of matsoni - Caucasian sour-milk drink

Yogurt - fermented milk product from the Caucasus. This drink is replete with essential amino acids, vitamins and has a high nutritional value. At home, matsoni is proudly referred to as a drink of beauty and youth.
Harm matsoni
Matsoni: good or harm?
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What is matsoni

Matsoni is a drink made from cow's or goat's milk. In fact, this is an analogue to the well-known yogurt, although the yoghurt has significant differences in taste and in the way of cooking. Sour milk is the result of the natural souring of milk. Matsoni cannot be obtained in a similar way. The basis of its preparation is also the ripening of milk under special temperature conditions. This is the main secret of the Caucasian drink.

The taste of yogurt is quite sour and piquant. He at times sour kefir. In the store you can notice a slight gas formation, which brings a zest to its already unmatched taste. Its consistency is quite dense and strongly resembles thick sour cream.

A bit of history

The historic homeland of matsoni is the Caucasus. This drink became known more than 200 years ago. Highlanders long kept the recipe of its preparation in secret. According to legends, matsoni has healing power and is the source of longevity for Caucasian elders. At the beginning of the twentieth century, this drink interested the Russian scientist Ilya Mechnikov. After conducting research, he came to the conclusion that matsoni is really quite useful.

Calorie matsoni small. 100 g of drink contains only 56 calories

What is the benefit of matsoni

The beneficial properties of matsoni are no longer in doubt among scientists. This drink is rich in phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, protein, vitamins D and A, as well as beneficial bacteria. The latter destroy pathogenic microflora in the human intestine and cause many dangerous diseases, including premature aging. Matsoni is perfectly absorbed by the body, well quenches hunger and thirst. In addition, it will help remove toxic substances and harmful cholesterol from the body, which is especially important during fasting days and diets. One glass of matsoni before bedtime will calm the nervous system and help you fall asleep quickly.

Harm matsoni

Despite the usefulness of matsoni, this fermented milk elixir has contraindications. It should be used with caution to those who have problems with the intestines and stomach. In case of peptic ulcer, erosive gastritis, gallstones and pancreatitis, you should consult with your doctor before consuming matsoni. Otherwise, this drink may exacerbate the problem.

How to cook Matson at home

Ingredients: - 1 liter of milk; - 300 grams of yogurt.

Preparation Heat the milk to a temperature of 50–55 degrees. For making matsoni, it's better to take rustic milk. The ideal option is the milk of Abkhaz cows. In the Caucasus, they consider it the most useful.

Cool the preheated milk to 35–40 degrees, pour in the yogurt, close the container with the lid and wrap in a warm blanket. In yoghurt for making yogurt there should not be flavors and colors.

Wait 6-8 hours. After this time matsoni will be ready.

What can you cook with yogurt

This drink is good in itself, you can just drink it instead of the usual yogurt or yogurt. In a company with other products, yoghurt brilliantly set off their taste.They can pour hot chicken, meat and vegetable dishes. Matsoni can play the role of a good marinade for kebabs.

Mixing cold matsoni with water, you can get tan - a healthy drink that perfectly quenches thirst on a hot day

By adding crushed garlic and chopped greens to it, you can make a spicy sandwich paste. This drink can be safely used as a substitute for sour cream, and if it is diluted with water and salt, it will be a good alternative to kvass in okroshka.

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