Using luminaires in the interior

When using lightings, it's worth knowing that this is not always safe. That is why there are certain rules and cautions on their use and proper installation. First of all, pay attention to the wiring. Wiring is the basis of the whole residential network, and the whole energy system in the apartment is kept on it.

Every electrical wiring has its own chapel, that is, the maximum number of electrical devices that can be used at the same time. Often, the wiring reaches a limit in the evening, when every apartment lights and uses a lot of electrical appliances. It is for this purpose to consider how powerful your wiring is and whether it will be able to withstand powerful lights. If not, and you still installed them, then there may be unpleasant consequences.

Also, when choosing the power of the lamp, a very important issue is the power of your home outlets, whether it be table lamps for the bedroom or ceiling lamps for the kitchen.According to the standards in the room should be installed one outlet for every four meters square, if more and all of them to use at the same time it can lead to a wiring burnout. As a rule, in the apartment sockets are designed for electrical appliances and lamps, including up to 1 kW. At the moment, the number of outlets in the apartments is increased, which gives more convenience and opportunities for residents to use electrical appliances in larger quantities. This also reduced the use of various not-always-safe breeders, which in many cases led to a short circuit and fire.

A very large role in the use of the lamp plays the management of its work. Two types of luminaires are connected to the outlet, table and wall. All of them have their own switch and switch. Also, the switch can be passable. Each lamp must have a safe villa to plug it into a wall outlet. Such a plug is called crimped. Lamp control is a very important part, because with it you can achieve maximum light without using additional lamps and at the same time reducing the load on the wiring.

It is worth knowing such safety rules of use of the lamp:

1. Never cover the lamp with a newspaper or cloth, it can lead to its malfunction, and in the worst case to a fire.

2. Do not use lamps with a damaged plug.

3. Do not leave the light on leaving the apartment.

4. Before installing in the bathtub, check by the instruction whether this is allowed.

5. Monitor the power of the lamp and not exceed the norm.

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