The New Year holidays are over, but the winter magic does not end there. Ahead of one of the most wonderful and wonderful holidays - Valentine's Day. Even now you can think about the choice of gifts for your loved ones. Here it is worth not only talking about pleasant surprises for a man or a woman, but also for parents, sister and brother. On this day, all relatives want to give a piece of their soul, a sense of celebration and, of course, a good mood.

No need to buy expensive gifts, as they say, the main thing is attention. Then,what to give for Valentine's Day

Of course, your loved one needs to present a more meaningful gift. Well, if it is made by hand. The girl will be pleasantly surprised, having received a bouquet of sweets. How to make such a masterpiece, you can look at the pages of the Internet. If a guy wants to really surprise his soul mate, you can make a soft toy with your own hands.There are many schemes today, but the main thing here is not the scale of the toy, but the fact that it is sewn independently. To do this, you can download the scheme of a soft toy-heart.

Valentine's Day DIY Pictures

An interesting gift will be a picture of yourself. To do this, you will need to take a cardboard of the desired size, thick colored paper, beads of various colors, glue and other auxiliary decorations, which can be found in All Sewing stores. From this set of improvised tools you can make a very good picture. As an idea, it is possible to place volumetric roses made of colored paper, a heart lined with beads and glued to glue. It will be very beautiful to complement the picture of the declaration of love, "written" with beads. The resulting picture can be sprinkled with multi-colored sparkles. All masterpiece ready. This gift will appeal not only to the girl, but also to her mother, sister and other female representatives.

Original DIY Valentines

In order to make a Valentine, special talent is not required. After all, quite recently such greeting cards were not sold at market stalls and in stores, so they made them on their own.Now the factory Valentine, of course, will make you happy, but you will not be surprised. So, valentines with their own hands can be made of different materials. Here are some simple but original ideas. The first is a harmonica valentine. To do this, take the floor of a sheet of white or colored paper, fold it with an accordion. For each "harmonica" you should stick a colored heart on which wishes or confessions are written. When the accordion is in the folded form, we get one large voluminous heart, when it breaks down, many small hearts come out. It is very simple to make such a postcard, and you can give it to a boyfriend (girlfriend), as well as to all relatives and close people.

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