Vase from bobbins from scotch

Real needlewomen never throw anything away. All sorts of packaging boxes, jars, strings, ribbons, empty ampoules from the handle, trimmed wallpaper, and even candy wrappers from under candy ... everything neatly folds up in a special place. Sooner or later for each seemingly unnecessary thing is the application. To give a second wind something, you just need to revise the accumulated "treasures" and think up a little.
 Vase from reels from scotch
Take at least reels from scotch. If there are a lot of them (about five or more), then they can be the basis for creating a beautiful vase with a pattern of paper napkins. The most ordinary materials, and the result is simply amazing! For making crafts, you need to collect the following materials and tools:
  • 5 reels of scotch;
  • a hank of paper napkins;
  • tube with white glue;
  • piece of high density cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • brown gouache;
  • brush;
  • golden acrylic paint;
  • a piece of foam rubber.
  • Take the 5 bobbins from the scotch tape.Make sure that they all have the same height and diameter.
     Vase from reels from scotch
    Take the first cardboard ring. Apply a layer of PVA glue on one of its ends and glue the second ring to it.
     Vase from reels from scotch
    Then fix the third in the same way.
     Vase of reels of adhesive tape
    Then the fourth and fifth.
     Vase from reels from scotch
    Now is the time I make the bottom of a vase. To do this, draw a circle on a piece of thick cardboard: put the resulting construction on it and circle it on the outer edge.
     Vase of reels of adhesive tape
    Carefully cut a circle, then glue it with PVA glue on one of the edges of the paper blank.
     Vase from reels from scotch
    Now you need to paste the design with paper napkins. They will create an invoice and hide the joints of the reels from the scotch tape. Continue to apply the embossed pattern. It is convenient to make it from flagella twisted from paper napkins. Glue the stripes at the junctions of the reels.
     Vase of reels from scotch
    Then make smaller Details: spirals, weaves or some interesting shapes. Apply glue to the substrate, apply paper parts and press well with your fingers. If they come unstuck, then you have to hold it with your hands for a little longer. As additional elements will be paper balls pasted in a symmetrical order on each segment of our glass vase.
    Vase from reels from scotch
     Vase from the bobbins of Scotch tape
    When the pattern of paper flagella is well adhered, and the used glue will dry completely, under LKU can be painted. Cover it with two layers of brown gouache. Wait for the paint to dry.
     Vase from the bobbins of scotch
    Then use a piece of foam rubber to apply acrylic paint of golden hue.Paint over not only the patterns, but also the gaps between them.
     Vase from reels from adhesive tape
    It turns out a beautiful unusual vase of the direct form with an original ornament. Vase from reels of scotch tape
  • - if you do not have reels of scotch tape, take a piece plastic pipe of suitable diameter;
  • - instead of paper flagella for the formed An ornament can be used with a linen tow or a thread for knitting;
  • - can be pasted with a plain cloth, bright wrapping paper or ordinary burlap;
  • - instead of brown gouache, use black, then the golden paint will look even more contrast;
  • - tell the children that the vase is designed exclusively for artificial flowers, you can not pour water into it.

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