Velox technology. Advantages of construction using Velox technology

VELOX boards are a building material made on the basis of cement, water, glass and wood chips. Considering that the last component makes up most of the percentage, finished products are endowed with the best qualities of wood. The remaining participants equally well and adequately complement the technical characteristics of the material. Glass and cement provide fire safety and weather resistance; formed in a single format, all components form a universal and high-quality raw materials for the construction of objects of varying complexity.

High technology coupled with a healthy environment


Many of us dream of an individual house, while our requirements are not limited to elevated living conditions in it. We all want the generic immovable heritage to be environmentally friendly, durable and safe.The construction system Veloks was developed, taking into account these requirements and wishes of developers. In the production of plates, only natural raw materials are used. The use of materials guarantees the construction of houses where living will be calm, comfortable and healthy.

Modern houses Veloks combine the best qualities of a residential facility - high sound and heat insulation, fire resistance, durability, self-regulation of a comfortable temperature (in summer - cool / in winter - heat). The unified construction system used for building houses includes the following elements:

  • Single or double layer insulation boards for formwork for internal or external walls;

  • Main plates and for partitions; elements of the slopes are cut from the main plates;

  • Wood chip module with wooden bars (for reinforced concrete formwork);

  • Ductwork and ceiling tiles;

  • Metal mounting plate designed for fastening the modules of the Velox;

  • Trigons are spatial frameworks.

All products of a single VELOX system are easily processed: cut, milled, drilled, molded according to the desired contour.From here, the architecture of the conceived projects can have a variety of solutions - from simple to exclusive. A great advantage, attractive to many developers, is the incredible savings on the following costs:

  1. Attraction of special equipment - one or two units of cargo transport is enough to move the building material inside the site or from the warehouse to it.

  2. Labor costs - the team is formed from three, four installers; a larger number of brigades will not be justified or appropriate.

  3. The quick terms of putting the object into operation - this, in turn, saves money, calculated on the monthly payment of workers and rental vehicles (if this service was used).

  4. The accuracy of the construction project saves the overall estimated costs of materials, mortars and piece products.

What qualities do Velox plates

In the production of building material, the most important condition is met - incessant control over the geometric dimensions of each module, strength and compliance with technological standards.Thanks to the patented technology, the performance characteristics of the finished plates combine the best advantages: stable unchanged operation, resistance to high temperatures and humidity, confident resistance to seasonal changes in weather. Velox houses are an economical, environmentally friendly and reliable housing, which even the heirs of the house will make sure of its strength.

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