Very beautiful paper crafts worthy of a museum collection!

Canadian sculptor Calvin Nicholls creates stunning volumetric sculptures using special archival paper for long-term storage. The production of multi-layered (low-relief, as Calvin calls them) paper sculptures go from 4 weeks to 2 years. Before starting work, the sculptor examines in detail the work of the skeleton and the muscles of animals - all the features of their musculoskeletal system.

The final sketch Nicholls uses as a template for the details of the sculpture, which he carefully and carefully carves with a scalpel and knife with interchangeable blades. Finally, all components are connected together. It remains to install studio lighting, which allows you to see the depth of the portraits made of paper.

Calvin has been involved in the art of creating paper sculptures since the mid-80s. During this time, he created many portraits.They can be seen on the pages of books, in private collections and organizations around the world. The artist's largest collection is in the Follett Library in McHenry, Illinois, and has 75 works for public viewing!

The Nicholls find it particularly interesting and intriguing to work with white paper on a white background, since it allows you to create interesting shades through the texture and shape of the details. Nicholls works find numerous fans, among which there are such large companies as Coca Cola, automobile manufacturers GM and Ford and are sold at a price of up to $ 22,000.

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