Video tutorials for pumping up intimate muscles

Initially, intimate muscle training was firmly associated only with the teaching of sexuality. However, later it was found that such exercises strengthen the vaginal walls, which facilitates childbirth, prevents miscarriages and prevents a large number of female diseases. In particular, the omission of the vagina, polyps, inflammation, etc.
For the first time ancient practices applied for medical purposes by the American professor Arnold Kegel. These exercises, he advised women suffering from incontinence. And achieved excellent results.
It is possible to pump up intimate muscles using a special simulator, which can be easily ordered online or bought in a sex shop or even a pharmacy. But you can not use any extras.
First you need to accurately determine the location of the desired muscles. For this you need to go to the toilet in a small way, but in the process of urination, strain and stop the flow of fluid.Exercise should be those muscles that are involved in stopping urine.
There are several types of exercises for training intimate muscles. You can alternate them, perform them in order, or make those you like. But the most common is the following exercise. To do it, you need to lie down on your stomach, get comfortable. Then imagine that you want to go to the toilet in a small way, to reproduce this action, and then abruptly interrupt the process, as if for fear of wetting yourself. With the anus should be done similarly. Then you need to try to simultaneously squeeze and that, and another group of muscles. Hold them up for a few seconds.
For a long time to squeeze the muscles will not work, but it is not necessary. In this exercise, the frequency of the approaches is more important than the duration of the tension. Ideally, the number of repetitions should be increased to 100 times per day. And, of course, you need to train every day.Do not get involved much in this exercise. It is quite complex and can cause a feeling of mild fatigue.
The second exercise is much more difficult to perform, since it requires the availability of appropriate skills. It is necessary to make a rack on the blades (birch).In this position, you need to smoothly spread the legs to the side and reduce them. Do not rush, it is better to feel the whole process of tension and muscle relaxation. This exercise should be done on 20-30 repetitions, you can more.
The next exercise is that you need to strain the vagina as if you want to hold something with these muscles. You need to stay in this position for a few seconds, then you can relax. In this exercise, not the number of repetitions is more important, but just the duration of the tension. You should train until you can hold muscles for 20-30 seconds.
Another exercise is performed as follows. It is necessary to quickly squeeze and unclench the muscles of the vagina. You can start with 10 repetitions, gradually bringing them up to 50-60 at a time. Then you should squeeze the muscles of the anus in the same way.Plus the last two exercises that they can be done anywhere. At work, in transport, at home, on the street. Outwardly, it is not noticeable that certain actions are performed.
The list of contraindications for practicing these exercises is rather short. It is forbidden to train during pregnancy and if there are inflammatory processes in the genital area.You should also consult with a gynecologist before starting any training.

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