Vintage butterfly from book pages

In this article, you will learn how to make aVintage Butterfly from book pages.

Materials and tools:

  1. book page;
  2. pencil, ruler, scissors, glue;
  3. fine wire for antennae

Step 1

Take a book page and with a pencil and ruler draw a square, choose the size yourself. Cut a square around the contour.

Step 2

Add the sheet as shown in the figures.

Step 3

We glue the wings in the folds to fix the butterfly.

Fold the butterfly in the middle, the outer side of the wings to each other.

Let's give the butterfly a vintage look, darkening the edges of the wings. For example, smudge lightly with a candle or apply a paint. You can age the sheet in advance.

We attach the antennae to the bow tie, making them from wire.

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