Vintage coffee table

Vintage coffee tableis a great way to decorate a tabletop and give it a memorable look, as well as a great way to restore it.

Materials and tools:

  1. tabletop;
  2. stickers, stickers, pictures;
  3. epoxy;
  4. PVA glue.

Step 1

Choose stickers and pictures that match each other and put them on the table.

Step 2

Sand the surface of the tabletop with fine sandpaper, then clean the surface. Paste the pictures on the tabletop. While the glue dries, mix the epoxy resin with the hardener and heat the epoxy resin in hot water (“steam bath”), making it more fluid.

Then, with a thin layer, fill the surface of the tabletop and let it sit until the epoxy resin hardens.

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