Vodyanova showed no waist and no chest

Fans were very surprised by the figure of a supermodel.

Natalya Vodyanova sets her own standards of beauty: she was never shy about her boyish figure. But her new bikini photo completely disappointed her fans. “Where are your waist and breasts?”, Internet users began to ask the star beauty.

And indeed, Natalia’s body looks, though young, but not too seductive - skin and bones. It seems that the mother of five children eats only water, commentators noted.

Natalya Vodyanova
Photo: @natasupernova

And in some ways they guessed it - one of the secrets of Natalia's slimness really is a large amount of clean drinking water. In addition, the model is not the first year in compliance with the diet, selected by blood type. She does not eat what is bad for her health (mangoes, bananas, seeds, avocados, beans and buckwheat).

Perhaps, Natalia should still reconsider her diet and “increase” her forms a little? Although even the lack of a bust does not interfere with its popularity. And what to hide, not all stars have the parameters 90−60−90.Male type of figure show fans and world famous singers and Hollywood actresses.

For example, Keira Knightley is also not at all shy about her, frankly speaking, imperfect forms. True, this star is trying to wear dresses with a high waistline, which help to compensate for the absence of this very waist. In addition, Kira plays sports with a personal trainer in order to gain some muscle.

Singer Pink, though not thin, also applies to girls with a “boyish” figure. It's all about the huge number of muscles (she has a real steel press), which are also a sign of masculinity. She has a completely flat figure and not a single gram of femininity. But she apparently likes it.

Designer Victoria Beckham surely knows what to wear to make the figure perfect. Note that she is perfectly able to disguise her “boyish” type of figure and give shape to her body. However, when she puts on jeans and a regular T-shirt, everything becomes clear, because they look like a boy on her.

Wday.ru has collected stars whose attractiveness is not hampered by an absolutely non-feminine figure.

July 26, 2018Lida Buslaeva
a guest27.07.18 09:52

I do not understand who said that she is beautiful? Just a lot of money. Although we must pay tribute - for the figure watches and silicone is not carried away. Although it is an indicator of the presence of the mind.

a guest27.07.18 12:25

So she was noticed even when there was no this money! Designers and couturiers even called her the most beautiful woman in the world! It's all about charm and fashion on this type of body.

a guest27.07.18 10:20

she is beautiful

a guest27.07.18 10:53

as for me, so she has a great figure - slim and fit. Yes, and in appearance there is a zest.

a guest27.07.18 11:03

Vodyanova has a specific appearance. This attracts designers. Beauty here just does not smell. But she is in a party, she is in fashion, and of course she stirs up interest from the media.

a guest27.07.18 11:43

Try to give birth to five children and look so beautiful. Who saw the lack of a waist ??? Envious.

a guest01.08.18 11:19

This is the constitution - to give birth. Not entirely her merit. It just does not spread it.

a guest27.07.18 12:32

What makes you think that she has a bad figure?

In comparison with the foreign girls you mentioned, Vodyanova looks much more attractive!

Where does such a manic reduction in the examples of all foreign?

We have the most beautiful girls, they without the intervention of cosmetics / plastics / silicone look like goddesses in comparison with Western stars (which are mostly without cosmetics ..)

a guest27.07.18 12:35


a guest27.07.18 14:05

she has both a waist and not big breasts and brains, so as not to be like the current single mammels, who cannot be distinguished from each other because of silicone throughout the body Well done, Natalia, it’s not for nothing that you are a world-class model

a guest30.07.18 18:18

All to the point. Join now.

a guest27.07.18 14:33

Unfortunately they don’t like and envy really beautiful girls, and her appearance is very simple. She doesn’t enrage anyone, a girl from the crowd.

a guest27.07.18 16:31

Are you serious? The article "just not silently") One of the most beautiful women.

Who do you compare?

a guest27.07.18 17:23

Who wrote the article "she was never shy of a boyish figure" or "Natalia's body looks young, but not too seductive," this is already Lukizm. I do not think, for example, that she is thin, she has a boyish figure. You are no longer expressing the opinion of commentators, but your own, agreeing with them. Give it that way, if you have extra weight you can write about you "And in truth it looks like swine is not very attractive" or, if you are thin, skin and bones look like on the boy "Let's observe ethics and we will not hang your labels.

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