Volgograd: movie premieres this week

On Thursday, several films will be shown at cinemas in Volgograd. Comfortably seated in the cinema, we can laugh at the comedy "Mixed". Marvel at the ingenuity of fraudsters and those who revealed their schemes, you can see the action movie "Plastic". Well, for those who like to tickle their nerves, it’s worth going to the thriller “The Werewolf”.
Than people are older, however strange it is, it’s harder for them to build new relationships
Photo: Frame from the film


The eternal theme is he and she. Only not young lovers, but mature people with experience of family life, with children, but at the same time alone. At first they arranged for each other a blind date that disappointed them. And then, together with their offspring, we ended up in the same resort. What started here! (12+)


United States, 2014.

Producer:Frank Korachi

Cast:Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Bella Thorn, Chelsea Handler, Joel McHale, Kevin Nilon, Susan Yigli.

Duration- 117 min.

Where to see:

Mori Cinema, Cinema Park, Five Stars, Kinomax, Kinopleks, Diamant Cinema.

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