Wall plates - nice and stylish detail in the interior

Wall decoration is one of the most interesting and fascinating branches of home decor, because there really is where to wander fancy. There are many ways to decorate walls, including decoration with paintings, posters, various panels, original collages, which are often made with their own hands, wall paintings, mirrors and other objects of art.

But there is a very unusual, but, nevertheless, extremely original and, by the way, ancient method of decor - this is the use of wall plates. The result of this decor is unusual, perhaps it is because of this that it is decided to use far from all and not always. And in vain!

Decorative wall plates are a great way to stand out, show your own, different from those around you, a vision of peace and beauty, as well as to diversify your home interior with style and taste. Agree, many of us, for sure,there is a couple of beautiful tableware, which have not been used for a long time, they take up space, but to throw out such a rarity - naturally, conscience does not allow.

They can easily be used to decorate your walls, however, it is necessary to approach this issue with full responsibility so that the result will be really interesting and compatible with your home decor.

A bit of history

It will be useful to know that the first porcelain plates, similar to the modern ones, appeared in China, approximately in the 7th century, though, then it never occurred to anyone to hang them on the walls. Then who came up with this?

It is believed that this direction of home decor is associated with the tradition of the past - to reward especially outstanding especially expensive porcelain plates. Naturally, they were kept as family values, handed down from generation to generation and, over time, began to be used as decoration items.

In the 19th century, collecting porcelain became fashionable; plates in a blue and white range with all kinds of patterns and the most ancient specimens enjoyed particular success. They were installed in houses on special stands in order to show significance and emphasize status.

Already in the middle of the last century, the first collection of decorative plates, which was intended exclusively for decorating the premises, was released by the Lalik company. It was a real revolution in the world of art, since then, the use of plates in the interior decor is fashionable, elegant and very popular.

How to choose wall plates?

Immediately the question arises, which dishes are suitable for these purposes? To achieve a certain style, of course, it is very important to take into account the color and design of this accessory, their size, as well as know how to place them in the best possible way. Let's say right away that this task is not an easy one, but, nevertheless, very interesting and entertaining.

The only obstacle that can stand in your way is only your imagination. But do not despair, if you feel that you are not able to spew creative ideas one by one, you can always take advantage of our selection of photos that will definitely inspire you to work, and you can choose the option that you most like.

Wall plates of different shapes are a great solution and versatile decor,which ideally fits into almost every design style of the interior - classic, country, Provence, vintage, east, minimalism and other modern styles.

Naturally, for each direction - its own pattern of plates is observed, for example, Provence is characterized by light porcelain with small flower compositions, for more restrained interiors in modern style suitable plates are plain or with a small abstract design. Such accessories will perfectly fit not only in the decor of the kitchen or dining room, but also will be an excellent solution for the living room, hall and even the bedroom!

Such plates are fastened to special fasteners, which are sold in the same stores, where the wall decor. By the way, if porcelain is homemade, fasteners can be made with your own hands, there are many master classes on this issue.

Particularly valuable items or expensive porcelain can be placed on special displays or shelves, which are usually equipped with special partitions for additional fixation of plates. And then the next question arises - how to decorate the wall with this decor?

Agree, just hang up one or two plates just because you like them, it's somehow boring and trite.But you want to achieve some kind of "raisin"! There are special schemes for placing decorative plates, we will describe some of them below.


  • In a row. Typically, this option allows you to achieve an accent on the wall section, most often a row of wall plates are placed along the wall above the home furniture, for example, above a fireplace, a table or at the head of the bed.
  • Symmetry. If you have quite a lot of plates of the same shape, and the room is clearly observed symmetry of furniture, they can be placed one above the other at an equal distance from some object, for example, a picture or a mirror.
  • In the form of "wave" or "cloud". Especially beautiful and original look plates of different shapes, but one design, when they are laid out in a wavy or slightly abstract volume line. This option will look good on a large empty wall.
  • Geometrically shapes. Often, the wall plates lay out in the form of some geometric figure. For example, a square, circle or oval, thus decorating an empty section of the wall.
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