Warmer on a snowman mug

Warmer on the crochet “Snowman” mug. Ordinary mug can be decorated with a knitted heater. This decoration will even benefit. A knitted hot-water bottle will warm the hands that hold a hot mug and also protect your hands from overheating. For the manufacture of a hot-water bottle you will need materials: 1. Dark blue threads (warmer base). 2. White threads ( border and decoration). 3. Threads of yellow color (Snowman's nose). 4. Two-colored threads (barb and ties). 5. Sewing threads of white and black color. 6. Hooks thick 1 and 2.5 mm. 7. Scissors.
 Warmer on a snowman mug
Manufacturing process I have hot water bottles for a mug. 1. The first thing you need to do is to measure the mug. I propose to tie a hot-water bottle with dimensions of 25.5 cm * 9 cm. With a 2.5 cm hook, you need to dial a chain. It will consist of air loops (VP) of 25.5 cm in length.
 Warmer on a snowman mug
2.We start knitting from a set of double crochets (SSN) by throughoutlength of the chain. A snowman on a mug of a snowman
3.This way we knit a canvas until the desired height is reached.
Mug on the mug Snowman 4. The burner must not go behind the handle of the mug.
 Mug for a mug Snowman
5. To make a hot water bottle beautiful the first circuit, it is necessary to tie the edge of white thread. To do this, we tie the thread in the corner of the main blue cloth.
 Mug on the mug Snowman
6.We bind the contour of the hot-water bottle with columns without a crochet (RLS). Crop thread and fix it.
 Snowman for the mug of the Snowman
7.The warmer base is ready. We proceed to the manufacture of jewelry. The main element is the snowman. It will consist of two circles. Begin to knit a big circle. To do this, on a hook with a thickness of 1 mm, type 4 VP.
 Mug on the Snowman's Mug
8. With the help of the connecting loop (JV), it is necessary to connect the chain from the EP to the ring.9. Then we type 3 VPs.
 Warmer on a snowman mug
10.We produce a set of 21 SSNs in a circle. The last column is connected to the beginning of the series.
 Mug on a mug Snowman
11. We choose a chain consisting of 3 Ea.
 Heater for a mug Snowman
12. Then we do the CLO, capturing under the same loop from which the VPs of this series are recruited.
 Hot-water bottle on mug Snowman
13. Next, you need to dial 2 CCH from each VP of the previous row. At the end we connect the series.
 Mug on the mug Snowman
14. The last row of the big circle is tied with the help of the RLS.
 Heater for a snowman mug
15. The second circle knit smaller. Knitting technique is similar to knitting a large circle.
 Warmer on a snowman mug
16. We sew the circles to the hot-water bottle.  Heater for a mug Snowman
17. With black threads we make Snowman eyes and mouth. We knit a yellow thread with a thread. From the two-tone threads we make a snowman's chub. We knit snowflakes around the Snowman.
 Mug on the mug Snowman
18. We receive a beautiful winter composition.19.To warmer could be mounted on the mug, it is necessary to make straps. To do this, take 4 threads of the same size.
 Warmer on a snowman mug
20. We fold the thread in half and stretch the loop in the corner of the warmer on the wrong side.
Heater for a Snowman mug
21.2 free ends stretch into a loop.
 Warmer on a snowman mug
22. We tighten the loop.
 Mug on the mug Snowman
23. We also make the same tie on the secondthe edge of the heating pad.
A snowman on a mug Snowman
24. On the other side of the heater, we make 2 more strings.
Heater for a snowman mug 25.We put a hot water bottle on the mug. We tie ties to bows.
 Warmer on a snowman mug
26. In front of a warmer on a mug looks like this:

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