Bunny Bunny

Crafts from waste material for children is an opportunity to learn a non-standard perception of objects around them, the ability to find something that is unnecessary at first glance, something useful and interesting.

In order so that the hand-made article attracted the kids and woke up in them the desire to work on its creation, it is better to choose crafts in the form of the most amusing and kind characters - for example, the cute bunny from junk material will surely be interesting for children.

Crafts from egg trays

Crafts from egg trays

What you will need to work:

  • egg carton;
  • paint;
  • colored markers or felt-tip pens;
  • scissors;
  • glue.
 Egg tray

Egg tray

The work is very simple.

Carefully cut off the edge of the carton egg packaging, set it aside.

Also carefully cut a separate cell into which the egg is immersed. This will be the body of the bunny. You can paint it with white paint, and you can leave it gray.In the first case, it will turn out to be a bunny in a winter coat, and in the second, in the autumn one.

Now we have to cut two small ears from the edge of the package.

Cut the cell and the eye

Cut out the cell and the eyelet

Paint the middle part with white paint on the ears. You can complicate the task by cutting out the middle of the white paper and gluing them. If you use velvet paper or felt, the ears will become more fluffy.

 We decorate the ears

We decorate the ears

Markers draw on the body of the bunny muzzle. The youngest kids can be helped - for example, draw the outlines of the faces with a simple pencil and suggest to circle them with a marker. If the child is still unable to cope with this task, draw a face instead of him.

 Draw a face

Draw a face

Glue the ears to the calf - done!

Bunny ready!

The bunny is ready!

Such a craft out of a waste material for kindergarten works well - from one package you can make from ten to twelve bunnies, which is very convenient.If you attach a thread to such a hare, you will get a beautiful pendant that can be used as a toy for a New Year tree.

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