Watermelon Slice Cosmetic Bag

It is difficult to imagine a modern woman without cosmetics, where magic cosmetics can be placed that can be useful during the day. Due to the frequent use of a cosmetic bag becomes useless, a woman has to buy a new one. Only now buy it is not necessary. If you own the initial basics of crochet, you can become the owner of a pretty “Watermelon slice”. Needlewomen will appreciate the easy-to-make cosmetic bag, knitted from yarn residues. Beautiful cosmetic bag will be a convenient addition to the women's handbag. A watermelon segment tied with your own hands can be presented to a friend or mother. To bind such a cosmetic bag does not need special skills, it fits easily and quickly. You will need several hours to make it, as well as remnants of yarn in red, green, pink and black, a needle with a wide eye, hook No. 3 and zipper (preferably green to match the yarn).
We start knitting Knitting is starting with a red thread with an air loop.From the resulting loop, crochet 4 air loops and close the knitting into a circle. Next, we knit in a circle 6 sc (column without nakida). During knitting, you need to follow the tension of the thread to the circle turned out smooth and beautiful. After the first row has been knitted, continue knitting as follows: add 6 loops evenly in each row. Perform increases, tying two loops in one loop of the previous row. In total, you should have 13 rows of knitted red threads (more). In conclusion, cut and fasten the red thread. If desired, the size of the cosmetic bag can be increased or decreased by connecting a small circle or a large circle.
 the base of the future cosmetic bag
When the base of the future cosmetic bag is red. It is necessary to knit 1 row of pink thread. If you do not have pink, you can take a white or yellow thread. Knit in the same way with an increase of 6 loops in each row. When finished, cut the pink thread and fix it from the wrong side.
 knitting rows of green
The last step of knitting isbanding the rows of green. Now you have to knit 3 rows, also adding 6 loops in each row. When the knitting is finished, you need to cut the thread and fix it. The finished blank for a beautician straighten and slightly ironed.
 seeds in a slice
Now take a black thread, weave it into a needle with a wide eyelet and embroider stitches in the form of watermelon sunflower seeds If desired, seeds can be embroidered with black beads.
 Beautician Watermelon Slice
Next, proceed to assembling the beautician as a watermelon slice. The resulting circle bend in half and sew on top of the zipper. If the zipper is longer than it should be, it can be trimmed and the edge secured with a seam. In my version, the zipper is not long, I sewed loose edges with a thread of green color. You can sew the zipper manually or on a sewing machine. When the zipper is sewn, it will remain to turn out the cosmetic bag on the front side, straighten it and fill it with cosmetics so that it takes the desired shape. If you wish, you can sew a lining for cosmetics, then it will last you longer and will look moreaesthetically.
Beautician Watermelon Slice
 Beautician Watermelon Slice

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