Weave a simple bracelet of rings - Chain bracelet

Chain bracelet- a master class in which we will weave a bracelet from the rings using the European 4-in-1 technique. I advise everyone to begin and wish to weave the bracelet to all beginners and those who want to try their hand at weaving from rings, especially if you are thinking of weaving chainmail. To understand the basics of weaving. Especially the bracelet consists also in the fact that partly it consists of neoprene rings. Thanks to this, the bracelet can be stretched to put it on your arm and at the same time it will fit tightly to your hand.

Materials and tools:

  1. black neoprene rings and anodized rings with a diameter of 5-6 mm and a wire thickness of 1-1.2 mm (rings can be bought or made by yourself)
  2. pliers.

Step 1

In the end, it remains to connect the ends of the chain. To take anodized rings, which are respectively open, pass the ring through 2 black rings from one end and 2 other ends and close the ring.

That's all,Chain Braceletis ready.

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