We choose small things for the interior.

We choose small things for the interior.

We choose small things for the interior.



If you intend to change the heating radiators in your home, then you will certainly encounter difficulties in choosing the batteries you need from a very large assortment on the market. As a rule, people know very little about heating appliances, namely those that have become traditional for many families, or those about which they at least know something. In order to save you from this ignorance, and this article was written.


Choose a battery.



Science does not stand still, technologies are improving, our life is changing. Together with it, our radiators are changing. Using the latest materials allows you to create a completely new model, both in form and on the principle of action.


The most common types of batteries are classic Soviet cast iron radiators. And this is no accident. Such radiators have a very long service life, reaching several decades.In addition, modern designers have significantly worked their appearance, so that they have little resemblance to the old familiar batteries. However, such heaters also have minuses, the most significant of which is the extremely low level of heat transfer, within 150 watts. This is due to the large thickness of the walls, which take away the main heat.


The radiators made of aluminum are gaining popularity. They quickly heat up, are easy to process, which allows them to be executed in a wide variety of forms. But even such modern products have disadvantages and very significant ones. Aluminum batteries are very plastic, and also susceptible to oxidation, which is very dangerous in conditions of apartment buildings with frequent pressure drops - an explosion can occur. If you live in a private house, such radiators would be an excellent choice for you.


We choose the little things for the interior, namely, choose the battery.

The latest type of heaters are bimetallic batteries. Recently, they are beginning to enjoy increasing popularity: most people, when replacing batteries, choose them.What caused such a success? Made of 2 metals, such radiators heat up quickly, provide good heat dissipation and are quite durable. In such heating devices there are practically no flaws, except for their price. But it is better to pay once for a quality product than to overpay for repairs.

If you are interested in which batteries are the warmest, then we will provide you with the data. So bimetallic radiators have a heat transfer of 170 watts, against 190 watts of aluminum.


Choosing lights in the bathroom.



Today, if you set out to buy a lighting fixture, then the range of products offered on the market will pleasantly surprise you: a huge number of lamps, chandeliers and lamps. Of course, you will not be difficult to find a suitable device for the bathroom. What is the difference between conventional fixtures and fixtures for a bath?


It is worth remembering that the bath is a place with a high level of humidity. It is this feature affects the choice of lighting. So, experts distinguish several zones allocated by distance from a source of moisture. The closer the lamp is to the water, the more dangerous it is to exploit.

Choosing lights in the bathroom.The most important criterion when choosing a bath fixture is safety. In accordance with it, lamps are divided into 3 categories. If you plan to install the device directly next to a faucet or shower, then you should choose a class 3 luminaire; if contact with water is extremely unlikely, then class 1 will do. Choosing a product, focus on your finances, as well as the conditions in which the lamp will be operated. Do not forget that if you have any questions, then experts from the store of light equipment will always help you.


Among other things, there are two more important characteristics of lighting devices.


  1. The first is the explosion hazard. As a rule, explosions occur when flooding occurs from above. Despite its small scale, it can be extremely dangerous to health.
  2. The second is dust protection. If dust collects quickly in your apartment, then you should consider this indicator. The higher the degree of dust protection, the less likely it is that foreign substances will enter the device.


Choosing lights in the bathroom. An important factor when buying a lighting device is design.Today, store shelves are full of lamps of the most unexpected shapes, sizes and colors. Often, with such a variety of choices, it can be very difficult to determine and find the model you need. In this case, you can contact the help of special catalogs, as well as consult with the seller. Rest assured, he will do his best so that you leave the store with exactly what you need.


The most important thing is not to forget that the use of lighting fixtures always carries some risks, therefore safety precautions must be observed.


Curtains pleated.



Curtains pleated.

Curtains pleated.

Choosing trivia for the interior. Today, such a type of curtains as pleated curtains are gaining in popularity. In this regard, more and more people are wondering what their advantages are, how to choose them and whether they will fit the interior of the apartment. To answer your questions, this article was written.

Frankly, pleated blinds are nothing but one of the varieties of familiar blinds. The only difference is that they are usually made of pleated fabric, which is attached to several profiles. By design, the curtains are similar to the Roman eaves system and simple horizontal blinds.The design is made in such a way that the canvas is attached to the profile with cords, with the help of which the opening of curtains or their gathering into a roll is carried out.


There is a classification of pleated curtains by the type of their use:

  1. Pleated curtains with a motorized handle, crank and neck extender, used mainly for mansard windows
  2. Classic rectangular, triangular and trapezoidal curtains, for ordinary windows
  3. Ceiling curtains pleated, made of special fabric, capable of retaining ultraviolet rays. Enjoy considerable popularity among summer residents and gardeners, because they are a great help in the fight against the summer heat.


There are 6 options for managing similar curtains:

  1. The Day-Night system, which is managed with the help of almost invisible cords, which allow you to remove or open the curtain as easily as possible with just one touch.
  2. Lead handle, placed on the top or bottom profile. By moving it up or down, you make fine adjustments to the amount of light entering the room.
  3. Traditional chain management, in which the canvas gradually descends or rises
  4. 24-volt electric motor controlled by a radio switch with timers. This is the most modern and comfortable way to control if you have a lot of curtains or if they are at high altitude.
  5. Krenk pens installed on the bottom profile are also an indispensable tool for controlling curtains installed at high altitude. Rotating the knob clockwise or counterclockwise you will adjust the illumination of your room.
  6. And, of course, there are pleated blinds without any controls, usually attached to glass planes with a large number of sections. The disadvantage of such curtains is the need to dismantle them every time it is necessary to clean them.

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