We decorate the passport cover

Materials: - passport cover; - acrylic paints and varnish; - decoupage card; - artistic brushes and sponges; - alcohol-containing composition; - masking tape;- shellac varnish (you can take the first step of the two-component craquelure), - concomitant: bowl with water, scissors. 1. We degrease the cover with a sponge.
Degreasing the Cover
2. To prevent contamination of the inside of the cover, we glue around the perimeter with masking tape.
3. Cover the cover with a dense layer of titanium white with sponge (in principle, any artistic sponge can be replaced by a slice of the usual economic sponge). Add a couple of layers of acrylic lacquer.
 Cover the Cover
4. Cut the decoupage card to the required size and apply it to the cover. 5.We dip the cat into the bowl with water for 10 seconds and paste it to the cover with acrylic lacquer. We remove surplus napkins.  Dipping a cat in a bowl
 remove excess
remove excess water
waiting for drying
6. We breed acrylic paints and make a small painting. Blue, white and a drop of ultramarine stretch the sea. 7. We draw a relief with white, black, umbra. 8. We draw balcony railings and “thought.” 9. We draw houses in the background and form a “dream”, tint the cat.
 little sketch
 draw relief
 Drawing the railing of the balcony
Draw at Home
10. We cover with shellac varnish.
 Cover with shellac varnish
The cover is ready!

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