We equip penthouse - from the attic to the prestigious living space

Legal aspects

In the event that you live in a private house and own it, there will be no problems - you are free to dispose of your house at your own discretion and you can reschedule the attic room by changing its purpose. But if you live in a block of flats, the attic is legally common property, so you should decide on its use with all tenants, each of whom owns a part of the attic in proportions proportional to the area of ​​their apartments. In addition, you will need a permit for reconstruction at your local construction supervision authority.

Where to begin

What functional zones will be located in the penthouse depends on how comfortable it will be to go there, whether it will be possible to make a spacious, ergonomic and safe staircase into it.If you decide to turn the attic into a penthouse, the planning should be carefully thought out, taking into account many nuances. Think about what rooms there can be positioned or moved from the lower floor so as to optimize the space of the apartment. Naturally, it makes no sense to have a kitchen in the penthouse - it’s not very convenient to carry food there or go downstairs to the living room with ready-made dishes. But the bedrooms, gym, billiard room, library, studio, study, lounge or nursery, taking into account the beautiful view that usually opens from the top floors, it can be placed there.
Make a plan for the entire attic floor, think through the rational location of each zone or room, decide where and what type you need to install additional windows, make partitions, etc. former loft space.Equipping the attic space, do not forget to solve its issues with heat and waterproofing.

Design solutions

Design solution is better to use one, even if the penthouse will have several separate rooms.Since the attic space is usually small, it is better to plan laconic and simple interiors that will not distract attention from the main idea - the floor above which only the sky is located.
Look at the options that have already been implemented in the finished architectural and design projects, choose the one that suits you, select furniture, coverings and textiles under it. Use in the design of light colors to neutralize the pressure of the roof slopes, in them, by the way, you can arrange luggage storage. Bulk lamps and chandeliers in such rooms can not be hung, they will not look, as well as lush, heavy curtains.

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