We roll birch sap

Unfortunately, the birch sap season is short. And so you want this tasty and healthy drink to delight us for a long time, and even better - all year round. In this case, canning will help us. Rolling birch sap for the winter is a simple process, even young hostesses will cope with it. So what do we need? Fresh birch sap, sugar, lemons, oranges, and a few sprigs of black currant. We filter the birch sap through cheesecloth and set it on the stove.
We roll up the berry juice

Add sugar at the rate of 6 tablespoons per three liters of juice. While the juice is heated, prepare the banks. They need to be properly washed with soda, and then 1/3 with boiling water, cover with seals and leave for 5-10 minutes. Lemons and oranges are mine clean and cut into thick circles, put 2-3 slices of this and another fruit in each jar.
We roll up the berry juice
We put currant twigs in some jars. We follow the juice onthe stove, as soon as it starts to boil - turn off. Water from the cans needs to be drained and hot juice is poured into each.
 Roll up the berry juice
Cover and roll. At the same time, it is better to put a jar of juice on the floor, on a towel, so it is more convenient to roll it up.
 We roll up the birch juice
Check that the lid is not twisted, it sits tightly . We turn over the rolled-up cans with the lids down and cover them with something warm: with a jacket, a blanket, and leave them for several hours.
 We roll up the berry juice
Now you can taste delicious fragrant birch sap enjoy all year round!

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