We sew a beautiful bra of lace and cotton.

Author: Daria Evening

In this master class I will show how quickly and with minimal quantity of materials and accessories sew a fashionable, easy, comfortable, soft bra for summer, and perhaps for a long-awaited sea cruise 🙂

We will need the following materials:

  • durable elastic lace;
  • cotton underwear jersey (100% cotton).


  • regulators for straps - 2 pieces;
  • rings - 2 pieces;
  • fastener - 1 piece;
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • tailor chalk;
  • mold (pattern) I have it on a transparent film.

All 🙂
So let's go! Cut out the bodice of lace.

I always cover with absolute symmetry. Therefore, it takes more lace than cut out of the pattern.

We fold the parts of the bodice with the front sides inward and overcast on the overlock. For stripping underwear, I try to use textured yarn specifically for this purpose and intended.

Next, prepare the striped part 🙂

The width of our fastener is 2 cm, so the width of the bottom of the finished form will be 2 cm, it is just 2 stripes.We sew on the size of 75 V, and the length will be equal to 75-3 cm, fasteners = 72 cm, taking into account the allowances (elastic fabric, diminish cm for better fit). Width 6 cm with allowance.

Next, we tack cups to the bottom, folding their faces inward, parts of the cups a little overlap.

At the same time, holders for straps with rings should be sewn to the bottom, we also prepare them for the straps themselves.
The width of the straps will be equal to 1 cm, and since we have a stripe, we cut the stripes, as in the photo, so that both colors are present on the front.

That's what we did.

The length of the straps is 42 cm, the holders are 8 cm, folded in half (already with a ringlet) - 4 cm.

We hang cups and holders.

"Wrap" the bottom.

We scribble.

But it looks like the wrong side. Do not forget to insert into the shuttle dark blue threads in tone strips 🙂

And here we are at the finish line. We attach straps and zipper.

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