We sew a charming bag from an old sweater quickly and easily

Today we propose to sew such a nice bag from an old knitted sweater and give, therefore, a second life to it. And you will be surprised how easy it is to do. After all, the most important thing - the main part of the bag has long been connected. Now it remains only to carve out a bag, add a spectacular decor and sew a lining, for which by the way, you can also use an old and unnecessary thing, such as a skirt or men's shirt.

How to sew a bag from an old sweater with your own hands

We will need:

- old sweater or other knitted fabric;

-thick and durable threads in tone sweaters;

-lining fabric;

Pattern for bag

We transfer patterns on an old sweater and cutouts two identical details, we do not forget about allowances on seams.

Cut two lining details

Sew bag and lining details

When the bag is ready you can proceed to its decor. To do this, cut out of the sweater several identical circles.

Trim the edges of the circles obmetochnym seam. Fold one circle three times, add two more circles and sew them together.

You should have such a voluminous flower! Make a few flowers and decorate their bag.

We hope you like the idea of ​​the bag from the old sweater.

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