Sewing a Simon the Cat toy

Sewing Simon the Catis a simple master class for making Simon the Cat, which will be a great gift. Also this master class is excellent for co-creation with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. purple fabric - brocade or other thick fabric;
  2. filler or cotton;
  3. white and purple felt;
  4. scissors;
  5. 2 beads;
  6. button;
  7. needle and thread.

Step 1

According to the pattern cut out of the brocade: 2 parts of the body of the toy and the tail. From white felt - 2 eye details, and from purple - a rectangle on the tummy.

Step 2

To one part of the body of the toy we sew eyes from white felt. To make the eyes voluminous, leave a small hole and fill with cotton wool or filler, then sew up the hole.

Then we sew beads and sew Simon’s nose and mouth with white threads.

Step 3

Take a rectangle of purple felt and decorate it, for example, with embroidery, beads, etc. Then we sew it to the body of the toy.

Step 3

Sew two parts of the tail, leave a small hole and fill the tail with a filler, sew up the hole. Then sew the tail to the second part, decorating with a button.

At the end, sew 2 body parts, fill with filler and sew up a hole. Everything,toy cat Simonis ready.

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