We sew cacti from felt (felt)

We sewcacti from felt (felt), which can be used both as decoration and as needle case.

Materials and tools:

  1. light green, dark green, turquoise, gray felt (felt);
  2. filler;
  3. small flower pots;
  4. foam;
  5. scissors;
  6. glue gun;
  7. paper and pencil.

Step 1

First Cactus

Cut a circle out of light green felt and stitch it around the edge.

Then pull the thread to pull the edge and fill the filler. Finally we tighten and sew up the hole.

Shape the cactus: we pass the needle from the bottom up through the center, then down the outside again. We make three more such "stitch".

Step 2

Second Cactus

We draw a cactus of any shape on a piece of paper, transfer it to a dark green felt and cut out two parts.

We sew two parts of the cactus with a suture seam and at the same time fill it with filler to make the cactus stand.

Step 3

Third Cactus

Cut out of turquoise felt 6 identical rectangle with a rounded one side (see photo).

Pair the rectangles in pairs along the edge, leaving a hole at the bottom. Put together all three of the resulting parts and sew them in the middle.

It remains to fill the resulting honeycomb filler.

Step 4

It remains only to put the cacti in pots.

We cut a circle of suitable diameter from foam to fit inside the pot and hold well.

Cut a circle from gray felt. To him we sew a cactus, and then glue the circle to the foam and insert it into the pot.

The same is repeated with other cacti.

Allfelt cacti (felt)are ready.

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