We update the wardrobe for the meeting of spring 2015 (20 photos)

Fashion is very capricious and changeable, so that what was relevant last season, the next may not be fashionable at all. And what is the spring of the future 2015? find out in advance to prepare and be fully armed.

What will be the spring clothing in 2015?

In general, spring is the time of flowering, the awakening of nature after a long winter sleep. But not only nature should awaken, but also people. And how do you get yourself to finally wake up? That's right, with the help of bright clothes. So, brightness is the first distinctive feature of the spring season of 2015.

Real lady

The second feature is creativity. Unusual and sometimes strange silhouettes, interesting details and lines - all this will be relevant. Particularly pleased are the supporters of maximalism and confusion of styles, because the spring of next year can sometimes be called the expression of one's thoughts and complete freedom of choice.

Color spectrum

White classic

Here are the colors that will be in the trend in the spring of 2015:

  • Fresh and beautiful color of the sea wave.
  • Coral. He gives the image a special charm and femininity.
  • Sunny and warm yellow.
  • Passionate red.
  • Gentle green will refresh any set.
  • Classic black and white will also remain relevant.
  • Shades of brown (especially noble and at the same time delicate sand) should also be chosen.
  • Beige, milky. Soft, gentle and at the same time classic shades.
  • Light pink will add to the image of romance and tenderness.
  • Gray and gray.

Variety of actual styles

Bright image

Next spring's styles will be the most diverse, so there will be plenty to choose from, any fashionista will be pleased. Here are some current and fashion trends:

  • Asymmetry. It can be asymmetrical hems or neckline, sleeves of different lengths, in general, everything that does not apply to the concept of "clear lines".
  • If the asymmetry does not suit you, then choose models of direct cut that add officiality and rigor to the image.
  • If officiality is not about you, then you should give preference to free or flared silhouettes, which will not only hide some figure flaws, but will not hinder movement, and may also become a bright accent of the image.
  • Still conquers the hearts of millions of cuts. It is noteworthy that this trend applies not only to fitting sexy dresses and tops, but also to pantsuits and even overalls.
  • Also casual style is actual, which implies convenience and the ability to wear clothes every day, without changing yourself and your habits.
  • Rocker style can also be found on the catwalks of famous fashion houses.

Fashionable details and accents

This is a brilliant coat.

Now we list some actual and fashionable details:

  • The highlight of the upcoming spring season is open shoulders or a lowered one shoulder. Such a detail is incredibly feminine and sexy!
  • Ruches and various frills will make the image more romantic and gentle, but it is extremely important not to overdo with such decor elements.
  • Lace is incredibly sexy.
  • The actual inserts will be made of guipure, leather and other materials. Here the main detail is the contrast, that is, the combination of seemingly incongruous materials, for example, silk and leather, knitting and guipure and so on.
  • Metal parts, such as rivets, chains and volume buttons, will also be in trend. A special charm, all these details will be acquired in combination with soft fabrics and gentle tones of clothes. A sort of contrast to brutality and romance.
  • The collections offered by the designers are distinguished by some carelessness created by rough or untouched clothing margins.
  • Pearls are incredibly elegant and feminine, so it will be present, especially in evening dresses.
  • The actual will be pleated skirts and hems of dresses that will look fresh, defiantly, stylishly and youthly.


It is beautiful

Fabrics must certainly be soft, light and flying. Comfortable knitwear, sexy guipure, erotic lace, practical and brutal leather, comfortable large knitting, as well as delicate and light chiffon, satin and silk are popular.

Current prints

Unusually, but it attracts attention

What innovations are we preparing for next spring? Here what prints will be actual:

  • Floral and floral patterns: large and small flowers of bright hues, intricate weave of branches, patterned leaves and much more.
  • The strip and the cell are also in trend. If you think this is boring, then you are greatly mistaken. Bright colors will enliven such a pattern and make it creative and bright.
  • Geometric print is unusual and interesting. Complex patterns and lines can be the highlight of the set and its bright accent.
  • Camouflage can be sexy and feminine, if it is present, for example, on a short dress with an open neckline. It's bold and unusual.

What is worth buying?

Very cool dress

So what is fashionable to wear next spring 2015?

  1. If you choose dresses, then there are many options: it can be sexy tight bando models, comfortable and concise sports dresses, feminine and romantic models made in retro style, dress-cases, comfortable and simultaneously feminine fitting knitted models or strict straight cut dresses . Excellent fresh and youth version is a short dress-hoodie with an interesting collar. As for evening dresses, chic and elegant translucent long dresses in the floor with a cutout-boat, open shoulders and streaming hem are relevant. If you want to choose a cocktail dress, then pay attention to models in the style of new look with lush hem, bustier dresses and dresses with cases made of lace or guipure.
  2. Be sure to choose a coat. This is not difficult, since there is a huge variety of styles: strict straight coat, feminine models fitted, coats, A-silhouette models, coat-trapezium, coat-overcoat, models with odor, and also light coats. As for the actual fabrics, it will be tweed, drape, knitwear, cashmere. A bright accent can be inserts made of leather, guipure, lace and other fabrics.
  3. Be sure to get a blouse.It can be either a strict version or a sexy model with a cut from a light streaming or even translucent fabric. Actual stand-up collars or turn-downs, hidden clasps and V-necklines.
  4. Choosing trousers, give preference to bright fabrics. The styles can be practically any: strict straight or shortened narrowed trousers, flared or trousers-pipes. In general, experiment.
  5. Actual will be loose baggy sweaters made of knitwear or large knitwear.
  6. Jeans are still relevant.
  7. Leather jackets and skirts will also be popular.
  8. Choosing spring shoes, give preference to models related to retro-style, as well as bright youth models. Relevant will be leather (especially exotic animals and reptiles), textiles and fur inserts. Choose ankle boots and ankle boots with a stiletto heel, firm heels or rough soles. Squeak of the season - a combination of incompatible textures. Popular straps, lacing.
  9. Bags can be very diverse: clutches, voluminous shoppers, bag-chests with sharp corners, bags-envelopes. Are actual textile and fur inserts, applications, embroidery, accessories, metal parts, chains, stones and beads. Amazes a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. What to buy? You decide.

Go to the store and update your spring wardrobe, because now you know all the fashion trends.

In a single color

Geometric patterns

For an evening walk

For warm days

Golden luxury

Perfect image

Emerald costume



Folk motives

Thin fabric and great style

Street style

Wide pants

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