We weave and knit wreaths for the new year

When I was going to make a woven wreath, I hoped that I would find on the Internet enough information on how to weave. Nothing like this! The search engine issued all kinds of weaving ... Spit! There was one single video in German. So I decided to fill the gap: learn from this video and teach you. So, where do we begin to weave a wreath of flexible branches? Flexible branches First of all we need to prepare flexible rods, cutting off a bunch of grape branches, one and a half meters in length. If a weeping willow grows in your area, this is also an option. Willow branches are recommended to soak or even boil, but I did not need it. Careful processing is only required for filigree weaving baskets, and a freshly cut willow will come off for a wreath. Beginning of the weaving We join the branch with a thin end with a knuckle to make a circle the size of a soup plate . We tie the thin end as if we wanted to tie a knot around a thick knuckle, and then we simply weave it around, wrap it until the thin end of the twig ends.It should be hard to fill, roughly speaking, to plug it into the gap between the weaving.
 We join the branch
We apply the next rod, stepping back from the first butt by a couple of centimeters, and again weave it- wrapped. At first, the wreath is crooked, this is normal. The elastic force of the branches will spread your wreath to a round shape, tested in practice. Only branches of one wreath of average thickness will need 6-7 pieces, provided that they reach a length of 1.5 m.
 We put the next bar
Braiding everything branches in a wreath, try to fill sticking komli inside, in the same way as you fill a loose strand of hair in your hair: shove under the other branches. In the finished wreath there is enough fortress to hold even the thick tips of the rods. You do not need to cut anything, it's even more picturesque.
 branches in a wreath
I made two wreaths: willow and grape. Do you see the difference? Willow branches are thicker, so the wreath has smooth lines, and grapes are thinner and more flexible, so the wreath is more twisted. I decided to make a chrome metal-like hi-tech style from a willow wreath.A vine, so picturesquely laid in the coils of the second wreath, will serve as a beautiful base for fluffy snow. Both snow and chrome plating are made of spray cans. Chrome wreath
 Chrome wreath
Ordinary twigs, if you cover them silver paint, get magical completeness works of art. I “borrowed” my husband spray paint in a spray can to cover the chrome parts of the car.
 Chrome wreath
" Chrome "wreath is best on the balcony or on the street because a sharp chemical smell. Do not forget to thoroughly shake the can and put a newspaper under the wreath! That's what we got. As if thick steel or silver rods are bent and intertwined with an unprecedentedly powerful hand. Round gizmos are holders of candlesticks.
 candle holders
You can decorate a dried wreath with stylish balls with a silver texture. It is a little imagination - and the wreath looks different. I laid out several options.You, of course, everything will be different! Experiment!
decorate with stylish balls
 Chrome wreath
 Chrome wreath
 Chrome wreath
Snow-covered wreath
 Snow-covered wreath
The second wreath is made of twigs of grapes. I will decorate it with artificial snow and also from a can. You know, such cartridges are on sale, absolutely inexpensive. "Snowball" is blown out of them in the form of foam, but this foam does not melt, it forms a fluffy snow cover. One balloon is enough for the Christmas tree, and for stencils on the windows, and on the decor of our wreath. Just spray the snow and give it a bit to harden. Frozen "snow" becomes quite dense and you can put balls, artificial apples, whatever! So I tried it here and so, and some kind of, different options: with and without candles.
 Snow wreath
 Snow-covered wreath
Knitted wreath  Knitted wreath
I expect that not everyone will want to weave wreaths from branches. Nothing, you can make a lovely wreath to decorate the table or the front door from the improvised material. Do you have yarn for knitting? Excellent! Let's knit a wreath on knitting or crocheting. For such a wreath, we will need a base - a foam blank in the form of a circle or a straw semi-finished product. You can do and cardboard circle, but then you have to give it a volume of cotton or sinteponovoy winding. About how to knit a narrow scarf, you probably know. I chose the thickest threads and knitting needles, so my scarf knitted from 10 loops. Approximately estimate the length: a little more than half the length of a circle or a little longer. This is enough, because the “scarf” will be stretched on the base rather tightly to show the texture of the mating.
 Knitted wreath
Sew the ends of the" scarf "with a cattle stitch and gradually tighten it foundation fixing in several places. If we compare our circle with the clock, then first we sew at 12 and 6 hours, and then at 3 and 9 hours.After that, it is easy to sew or tighten the edges along the bottom of the wreath with a thread to match.
 Knitted wreath
It turned out a cozy wreath that reminds us of childhood: angina, hot milk and you can do not go to school! Let's decorate our wreath with fluffy or shiny balls, and put a candle or a vase with tangerines and sweets in the center!
 Knitted wreath
I hope you get at least one of my wreaths !! Festive mood, my dear!

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