Wedding bridal box

Finally, we were visited by the summer of 2017 and brought it along with the wedding season. After all, basically all couples try to play their wedding in the summer, when it's sunny, warm, everything blooms and smells, when everything is there and everything is available. Well, surely many of us are guests at least one wedding in 2017. And here, as always, the question arises with the choice of a gift, as it is rather difficult in our time to think of something. That it was a pleasant surprise, but at the same time, each person is planning a gift on their income. Agree that in our difficult time, it is difficult to take a gift like that for stunning money. But still, most often at weddings money presents or certificates prevail. Let the amount of money be small, but if everyone gives a certain amount, then a pretty good group will eventually be gathered. But so that all the same there is no memory from your gift, you can donate money in the original money bills, which will be made with your own hands.This is, firstly, very beautiful and stylish, and secondly, a pretty good and memorable thing. That's just the master class for the manufacture of such boxes, bills, we right now and consider. For the manufacture of bills we need to take:
  • Binding cardboard two rectangles 12 by 21 cm and one 5 by 21 cm;
  • White cardboard;
  • Sintepon sheet thickness 100;
  • Lilac fabric: take lilac into small white peas and lilac with flowers;
  • Cut down elements: hearts, flowers, glasses and champagne;
  • Picture with a pair of swans;
  • Watercolor paper, sheet A3 format;
  • Scrap paper in lilac tone
  • Satin lilac tape of medium width;
  • Double cotton lace with embroidery;
  • Glue "Focus" and glue pencil
  • Ornaments: metal pendants, brads, paper flowers, chiffon lilac ribbon, pearl beads;
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • br>
  • Ruler;
  • Simple pencil;
  • Lighter.
Wedding I'm a banker of a casket
 Bridal Bridal Box Casket
We take binding parts and from them we need to make a single whole base, which will in the process turn into a part of a folding box. We lay out all the parts side by side and close to each other.
Bridal bridal box
 Wedding bridal casket
Cut off cardboard strips of 3 * 21 cm and glue and x at the joints.
Wedding note holder
 Bridal bridal casket box
We get one piece. Now we draw with the help of scissors a line of bends, so that it closes and opens well in the future.
The Wedding Kid casket
 Wedding Casket Jeweler We turn and glue our two-sided adhesive tape with a continuous base and glue the sintepon.
Wedding cape table jewelry box
 Wedding note box casket
Now we take the fabric.
Wedding cape table jewelry box
 Wedding note box casket
Cut off the fabric, two tape cuts and two lace cuts as in the photo with stocks. We iron tape and pieces of fabric and sew. At the joints between the fabrics sew lace.
Wedding civet jewelry box
 Wedding note box casket
Now you need to wrap our binding material with a cloth. Inside, you also need to glue strips of tape in the center.
Wedding cape table jewelry box
 Wedding note box casket
It turns out such a soft cover, stitch it along the edge. Now we need to make the inside of the bills. We take watercolor paper.
Wedding cape table jewelry box
 Wedding note box casket
Divide it into parts, as in the photo, draw curves, and cut off the excess.
Wedding civet jewelry box
 Wedding note box casket
Inside we paste a rectangle of 11 * 20 cm on double-sided tape. Cut another 20.5 square box by 20.5 cm and a rectangle of 9 * 17 cm. On the rectangle we glue the cuttings and the picture, sew the picture, and then we glue the rectangle on one of the sides of the soft cover and Auger sew on a typewriter.
Wedding civet jewelry box
 Wedding note box casket
 Wedding note box casket
 Bridal bridal box
The bottom is also stitched and we glue the inside of the cape pot.
Wedding civet jewelry box
 Wedding note box casket
Inside we paste a rectangle and put it under the press.
 Bridal baker casket
 Bridal Dollar Casket
 Wedding note box casket
 Bridal Bridal Casket
Now paste the base itself directly into the paperback.
 Wedding note box
 Wedding bills casket
It remains only to glue the scenery and our bills in full. Thank you for your attention and bye bye!
 Bridal note box casket

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