Wedding cushion for rings

Wedding pad for wedding rings will decorate the solemn ceremony. It is made in the shape of a heart, which is a symbol of love and loyalty. 1. Prepare the necessary materials: white fabric, lace, decorative flowers, pearl thread, decorative bow.
 wedding cushion for rings
2. Cut two blanks from the fabric. We make them in the shape of a heart.
 wedding cushion for rings
3. We sew lace to the front side of the heart.
 wedding cushion for rings
4. We cover the lace with a second fabric blank.
 wedding cushion for rings
5. Cutting around the contours. Leave a hole three centimeters. wedding cushion for the rings
6. We turn on the front side. Fill the wedding pad with padding polyester. Sew a hole.
 wedding cushion for rings
7. Thread of pearls sew on top of the pillow. We post it in the shape of a heart.
 wedding cushion for rings
8. In the middle of the pearl heart we sew two decorative flowers for rings.
 wedding ring for rings
9. In the lower corner we sew a decorative bow of tulle.
 wedding cushion for rings
10. On the other side of the cushion, we sew the satin ribbon arm holder.  wedding pad for rings 11. Wedding pillow for rings "Heart of Pearl" is ready.

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