Wedding in Greek style

We will transfer you to a romantic islandSantorini. Imagine a beach with warm sand, blue azure of the sea, snow-white houses with blue roofs, a soft Mediterranean melody is barely audible and you can enjoy panoramic views of the sea and beautiful islands.The Greek weddingis the romance and charm of Mediterranean traditions.

We'll look at a Greek wedding with a color palette of white, blue, and blue. An alternative color scheme for a Greek wedding can be sand, terracotta and olive tones.

The bride's dress should be chosen in theGreekstyle. The distinctive features of such dresses are the high waistline - practically under the bust, a loose simple tapered skirt, it can be straight or gathered in pleats. Belt dresses are often decorated with embroidery. Usually dresses in this style are made of delicate, flowing fabrics, resembling the image of ancient Greek goddesses.

And now more:

- Accessories - bracelets with traditional Greek ornaments.

- Hairstyle - falling long curly locks, can be decorated with a diadem, fresh flowers, pearls.

- For a Greek wedding style, a solemn registration at the beach is suitable.

- Decorate the tables with candles in blue.

- For a buffet table, arrange canapés of fresh vegetables with olives and feta cheese.

- As a wedding shoe for the bride is the best fit sandals.

- In floral compositions, use sprigs of olive or laurel, or similar ones.

- The image of the groom can be classic, but you can beat him very creatively, choosing a suit with a toga, a raincoat and a laurel wreath.

- In the wedding printing (invitations, seed cards, etc.), use Greek ornaments.

- Instead of numbering the tables for guests, name each table by the name of an ancient Greek god or goddess.

- You can also use the famous silhouettes of the blue domes of Santorini.

- Sweets can be decorated with a glaze in the form of a cameo or a medallion or capitals of ancient columns.

- Banquet can be decorated with photos of sea views of Greece. You can decorate the hall with small decorative columns.

- As an entertainment, arrange a master class of Greek dance Sirtaki. It can dance all the guests at once in a large circle.

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