Wen in the mammary gland.

I take blood thinners. The cardiologist has forbidden to eat vegetables and fruits of green color. The mammologist prescribed a drug containing broccoli. how to be.


Dear rezeda59! This question requires a careful study of your list of medications taken, now almost all drugs can choose alternatives without negative interaction with each other.

a guest14.02.18 19:25

Are You from Moscow? Where are you watching? Try to register with Sergey Mikhailovich Tailor, I also had questions and went to the doctors for a very long time, they didn’t make the diagnosis.

In any case, you should consult if you can not this drug.

I watched a video where Portnoy talked about the importance of regular screening. After that, she herself began to carry out breast palpation at least once a week, here's the movieyoutube.com/watch?v=rE2rkFeOGiA

I would definitely go to the doctor with the problem of the author, especially since the doctors prescribed different treatments.

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