What is magical to give a child for the New Year?

Even if the New Year does not yet loom its tinsel and vanity in the coming week, it is necessary to take care of gifts to your children in advance, because this is a very important and exciting moment for both parents and the children themselves.

This is the only holiday that is literally pierced through with threads of magic and miracles, this long-awaited and very cheerful day is eagerly awaited by all - from young to old.

Give happiness and magic to children

That is why the task of parents is not to destroy that fairy tale and mystery of the holiday, which is depicted in the rich and amazing fantasies of the children, but, on the contrary, to support and strengthen faith in miracles.

Try to fill this day with something unusual and immediate, because it is such holidays that strengthen family ties, family members open up to each other and become closer.

Remember that not only is the gift itself important, but rather how you present it, I want the delight of surprise lasted as long as possible, and warmed the little heart of your baby yet another cold winter evening.

Of course, the first thing you are most likely to be puzzled is that you can give a child for the New Year? After all, the choice of gifts and various knickknacks is huge, but how to know what this diversity will bring your child into complete ecstasy.

This, by the way, is easy to determine, try to introduce the tradition of writing New Year's letters to Grandfather Frost, let your kid practice in the ability to express his own thoughts, besides this business can be dealt with together, which draws you closer to your child.

Do not try to dissuade the child in the existence of Santa Claus, as much as possible, he will sincerely believe that it is the grandfather with the beard and in the red fur coat that will bring him a gift.

The indisputable advantage of such an invention is that you, most likely, will always know exactly what your baby dreams about this year. If you have decided to fully fulfill the order of your child, then do not forget to teach him that Grandfather Frost gives such gifts only to those children who have been behaving well the whole year, listened and were good children.

How to choose a gift?

The main thing that it was a real surprise, the kid should not even suspect that he is waiting for the long-awaited gifts.Therefore, do not take him with you to the shops, so that he chooses what he wants, this is not at all, besides, children will always find it difficult to express their opinion on one thing, but having finally decided, finally, he will still regret that "took the designer, and not here that car."

The more bright boxes, the better.

So it would be better if you buy a gift yourself, and when this happens, hide it well so that the baby does not accidentally find it, destroying all the magic and magic of the New Year's night.

How to give a New Year's gift to the child?

In fact, the younger the children, the more their excitement directly proportional with the increase in the number of gifts. Therefore, if you can’t determine with just one thing, you can make a collective surprise: buy sweets and fruits, some simple but interesting toys, maybe some things and a couple of small bonuses.

It is important to wrap each surprise separately, so that a “mountain” of gifts will appear in front of your child, which can be long disassembled, deployed, rejoiced and considered.

And you can just not give gifts, and think about a whole series of competitions, through which your baby will have to pass before he gets to the long-awaited gifts.Draw a map, leave hints, arrange surprises all over the apartment and go with your child on a journey to get presents!

It is possible to stretch the pleasure, to leave one gift traditionally under the Christmas tree in the New Year's morning, and to hand over several others during the celebration, or maybe the next day.

If your child is already well adapted to the appearance of strangers, then you can arrange for him to meet with Grandpa Frost and his granddaughter Snow Maiden, who, by the way, will amuse your baby, teach him what the New Year is, and also cheer up the parents themselves.

Give happiness to your kids

Another important point is the attention to your child after the delivery of the gift, especially if it implies some kind of developmental or growth game.

It is possible that she is too tough for him, the child himself is unlikely to be able to figure it out, quickly throw the gift into the far corner, and the mood will be spoiled, because the surprise should make you happy here and now, and not after a year when the child grows up to him.

If this is a designer, then put together a house for a favorite doll or a garage for a car, read the instructions together, explain to the child what and how they may have to glue or make something, do not pass by, this is an important moment for both the parent and for the child himself.

Gift Ideas for Kids

If your child is still quite small, for example, he is not yet a year old, this does not mean that he should be left without surprise. Of course, he is still a little that he understands, but he perfectly perceives the kind and cheerful environment around him.

Gift options for kids

In this period of life, the child can easily give such gifts that will be appreciated from a practical point of view: new clothes, if there is a need, a new bottle or some kind of educational toy, a fitball for sports to mother and baby, classic music discs , which you include the child before going to bed.

And in order for this New Year to remain with you and your child in memory, you can make an unusual New Year's costume, which, of course, will not be perceived immediately by the child, but it will remain in the photos, which can be shown to him in a couple of years.

If a child is already from one to three years old, then this is a wonderful period of life, which implies an unrecognizable curiosity and interest in everything around, and, by the way, toys can be the main gift for such a holiday.

Of course, the best option is developing games: a toy-lacing, talking books, a designer (with a mark corresponding to your age), cubes, a “magic bag” filled with various figures.There are many options, of course, it is easier for you to determine what your child likes most.

For creative people, color pencils, felt-tip pens, an easel, a drawing board with crayons and crayons themselves, drawing cards, albums are already quite old.

The main magic atmosphere

It is time for children from five years old to give board games, which, of course, will require your intervention and help so that the child can understand the rules.

Older children can already easily give toys that promote a mobile lifestyle, for example, a soccer ball, rollers, bicycles, skates, badminton, older children, it is possible that it is good to give a punching bag and gloves.

Girls will always be welcome to different sets for dolls, sets with ornaments and children's cosmetics. Of course, when fantasy is not enough, there is always modern technology and its components, which are now at the peak of popularity among children and adolescents: personal computers, players, headphones, discs with games or music, gaming consoles or mobile phones.

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